Saturday, 19 January 2019

Product Review: Avon Cranberry and Orange Bubble Bath.

When I think of bubble baths, I think of warm, relaxing, romantic, soothing experiences. I think of soft, floral fragrances designed to de-tense your body and help you wind down. In my opinion, Avon's Christmas bubble bath doesn't exactly tick those boxes.

The fragrance is very fruity and sweet but I wouldn't call it relaxing. It has quite a strong scent to it with a little bit of a bite. It smells incredible and definitely gave me a festive feeling but usually citrus fragrances are used to help energise, invigorate and wake you up. Orange is the type of scent you'd expect to find in a shower gel or facial scrub, not in a bubble bath. Whilst the smell is very exciting and welcome, it certainly left me feeling confused after the water had drained away. I felt alert and focus but yet relaxed and mellow at the same time. It was unusual.

Would I recommend this product? Sure - if you're the kind of person who prefers to have your baths in the morning rather than the evening and are after a fragrance that'll wake you up, then this bubble bath is definitely for you. Equally, if you love all things Christmas, I would definitely give this product I try. However, if you like your evening baths to be soothing and relaxing, then maybe stick with your traditional floral fragrances.

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