Friday, 14 December 2018

Winter Wonderland

Happy Friday everyone! I've got thst Friday feeling for sure and I don't think it's just because of the weekend to come. I think I'm also on a high from our trips to the Winter Wonderland in town this week. That's right, I said "trips". We've been a couple of times to enjoy some family fun and get in the festive spirit.

Last weekend we started off in our local shopping plaza where a giant ball pit has been set up for people of all ages to enjoy a free 20 minute session in with a complimentary photo of you in the ball pit to take home should you want one. The kids had an absolutely ball (pun intended). But not only did they enjoy it but Jordan and I enjoyed it too. We felt like big kids again and suddenly the worries of the world were lifted off us as we submerged ourselves in over 70,000 little white plastic balls.

After the ball pit, we had a mad dash to make our family session to meet the jolly fat man himself; Santa Claus. Vala was very excited to meet Santa and to show him the glitter tattoo she'd got the day previously at her friends birthday party. He seemed very impressed by it which made Vala even happier. This was also Flynn's first time meeting Santa and whilst he didn't cry or scream, he certainly was unsure and sulked a little bit; especially when we sat him on his knee for a photo. Nothing that sucking on his thumb for comfort couldn't fix. Photos and presents gifted to the kids and it was time to goodbye and head to the Winter Wonderland itself which is full of amazing food stalls, rides which Vala enjoyed going on and an assortment of bars, one of which Jordan and I enjoyed visiting last night.

Heading back to the Winter Wonderland last night, Jordan and I spent an hour inside the Ice Bar, which as the name should explain, is a bar made entire of ice. The room was kept at sub zero temperatures snd we had to wear special jackets and gloves to keep ourselves warm. Jordan sadly suffers from Raynaud's Syndrome in his hands and feet so he felt the cold more than the rest of us and since my jacket was so long and could cover my hands completely, I gave him my gloves for extra warmth. We enjoyed looking at all the ice sculptures in the bar and I enjoy a couple alcoholic beverages. First I had a Gordan's Pink Gin and Lemonade whilst Jordan didn't enjoy a hot mulled cider. Then we moved onto shots of Bailey's, which the shot glasses are made entirely out of ice, which was awesome. Jordan didn't like the Bailey's either so I had his shot as well. An hour and a lot of photos later, we emerged into the 1°c night air that felt considerably warm after spending so long in a sub zero environment. We warmed ourselves with food and then head back to collect the kids from Jordan's parents.

I'm still on a high from last night though. It seriously was a lot of fun and I love the Winter Wonderland. I get so excited every year when it returns and it definitely does bring the festive feeling to all of us.

Until next time,
Alli xo
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