Friday, 7 December 2018

Vala's Christmas Play

You know the festive season is definitely upon us when you're invited to see your child perform in their annual school Christmas play. Vala's class gets to put on two performances this year and I had the pleasure of attending both performances on Tuesday and yesterday.

This year the story was all about Christmas and I couldn't wait to see the performance as Vala had been singing all the songs from the show for the last month. She'd almost memorised every song and had a lot of enthusiasm. I didn't know what role she had in the play, only that she needed to wear a Christmas jumper. Tuesday rolled around and Jordan, Flynn and I made our way into the school assembly hall where we were immediately greeted by Vala sitting almost front and centre on the stage, with a Christmas present hanging around her neck. She was so excited to see us and kept calling out and waving. The performance started and a little boy dressed as a teddy bear took centre stage and commented on all the presents. "Here comes Vala's song" I thought as the music started and all the presents stood up. Then they exited the stage and a new group came on. That was it. Weeks of rehearsal to just sit on the stage and say nothing until other kids got to come on and sing all the songs Vala had been singing all month.

We could still see Vala sitting side of stage, singing her heart out but honestly I was really disappointed and a little angry. Every kid got a turn on stage to sing a song except for the 5 kids who were dressed as Christmas presents. One group of kids got to sing two songs on stage but the presents didn't get to sing one. I thought it was so unfair. These kids were essentially just props, like trees in the background of plays. I couldn't understand why Vala and the other 4 presents didn't get to sing a song on stage. Vala clearly knew all the words so it wasn't a case of these 5 just didn't know the words or anything. I wanted to say something to the teacher but didn't want to come across as one of those "stage parents" who demands their kid be the centre of attention or anything. I was just mad because it didn't seem fair that the kids dressed as presents got to be on stage for no more than a minute before being ushered off and remaining off stage for the rest of the play, missing out on actually performing like the rest of the kids. It would have bothered me even if Vala wasn't a Christmas present but it upset me a lot more because she was.

At the end of the day though, Vala still seemed to have fun and she smiled, waved and sung along, completely unphased about being shunted to the side. So, I guess that's all the matters really. As long as she's happy, I guess I should be too, even if I still think it's unfair for those 5 kids who didn't really get to perform.

Until next time,
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