Monday, 17 December 2018

Flynn's Birthday Celebrations Commence

Happy Monday everyone. As always, I hope you all had wonderful weekends. We definitely had a nice weekend in our household because yesterday saw the start of Flynn's birthday celebrations.

Jordan is an only child (with the exception of a younger step-sister we very rarely ever see), so we don't really have much family around to do a big family party for Flynn, like we did for Vala's first birthday. That fact saddened me quite a bit as I didn't want Flynn's first birthday to seem any less important as Vala's was. So he's having a week full of mini celebrations. Yesterday our close friends Ian and Nat came up to visit us for a mini family birthday party. I personally consider Ian and Nat to be family so for me, it was a family do. We also got to ask Ian and Nat to be best man and a bridesmaid at our wedding so there were two benefits to the gathering. It was a particularly flashy day, we just sat around with a large assortment of food including a fruit platter I was very proud of. Flynn tried his first ever cupcake and at first it took him a little while to realise it was food. He played with the icing, squishing it between his fingers and exploring the texture. However, once he tasted it, there was no stopping him. He shovelled handful after handful of frosting into his mouth. He seemed to enjoy it. The day ended with Ian, Nat, Jordan and myself playing a very adults only card game called "Bad People" while Flynn had his afternoon nap. It was a lot of fun. The day was really nice and it was great catching up with Ian and Nat again. Flynn was centre of attention for most of the afternoon and honestly, I thought yesterday was a great start to his birthday week.

We've not got much planned for the next two days due to other commitments but Thursday is his actual birthday and Jordan's not working so you know we're going to spoil him rotten. First off, he'll get to open all of his gifts before we take Vala to school and then we're planning on taking him up to Jordan's parents once we've dropped Vala at school. We won't be there long as Jordan's mum has a busy day but Flynn will get showered in love, attention, affection and even more presents. Then we're going to take him to an indoor play centre, similar to Vala's birthday party but this time, he gets free run of the baby soft play area, without being taken away and kept confined to the party area. I'm going to see if his friend Ryan is available to join us and the two (who are 12 days apart in age) can play together for a couple of hours. The rest of the afternoon is left open for him to obviously nap and stuff but then in the evening, its a special dinner followed by birthday cake. I'm going to be making him a birthday cake on Wednesday and whilst I have no idea what I'm actually going to make yet, I'm excited to do it.

Saturday will  be the final day of Flynn's birthday celebrations and hopefully it'll end on a big note. Saturday is the day we're taking Vala down to her grandparents as she is spending Christmas with them rather than us. I asked her Nanna (who also considers Flynn to be her grandson) if she didn't mind us doing a little family gathering at her place for Flynn's birthday. She was all for it and even offered to make him a birthday cake. All of the cousins will come and say hello and wish Flynn a happy birthday and again, he'll be showered with love, attention and maybe even more presents. It'll be close to the first birthday Vala had but not quite as big. Either way, I'm looking forward to it and I am really grateful to my ex-mother-in-law for allowing us to have a small party for Flynn at her house.

So that is our week of birthday celebrations wrapped up in a nutshell. I think it's going to be a fun week and I can't wait to see how happy Flynn is opening his presents on Thursday. I can't believe my beautiful baby boy is a year old already. Time has gone so fast, it's crazy!

Until next time,

Alli xo


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