Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Christmas Day 2018

Ho Ho Ho it's not Christmas anymore. It is however Boxing Day today and I hope you're all having lovely days, however you're spending it. I also hope you all had great Christmas' and spent it surrounded by the ones you love. I can't wait for Vala to come home though because our Christmas was pretty... meh.

There was definitely a lot of magic and excitement missing from our Christmas yesterday. Flynn is too young to understand the concept of Santa so that form of magic and excitement was lost on him and therefore, us. For me personally, it was just a normal day but with presents. It didn't feel special at all. We didnt have Christmas lunch at Jordan's parents like previous years, instead I cooked a roast at home. It was average in my opinion. It was a slightly larger than normal roast chicken dinner. We ate it at the dinner table which wasn't exactly clean and had zero festive decorations on it, surrounded by dirty dishes. There was seriously no festive cheer to be had at our table sadly. Sitting beside Vala's empty chair didn't exactly help much either. I think the only things that kept to tradition were opening stockings on our bed in the morning and the post-Christmas dinner food coma.

With how the day went down, we didn't even get around to opening Flynn's presents under the tree until just after 8pm! He didn't even really care about unwrapping the presents either. He only cared when the toy was out of the wrapping paper. Today we're going to head up to Jordan's parents after Jordan finishes work so I'm hoping for a little but of festive cheer when we get up there. They'll have already eaten Christmas dinner without us but saod they'll save us some. But there is a mountain of presents for all of us and we'll open them as a family so maybe, for a brief moment, it'll feel like Christmas. I doubt it though.

All I know is that next year, I'm going all out at Christmas time. The house will be fully decorated, we'll have a much nicer looking Christmas tree with new decorations and regardless of where we eat Christmas dinner, my dinner table will be laid out perfectly and festively decorated. Just like my mum's table every year. Vala will be home next Christmas as well and Flynn will be old enough to at least get excited about opening presents. So I've got a very good feeling about next Christmas. It's going to be much better than this years that's for sure.

Enjoy the rest of your Boxing Day and as always...

Until next time,
Alli xo.
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