Friday, 30 November 2018

Vala's 5th Birthday

Good (very early) morning/(very late) night everyone. I am so very sorry for the lack of blog posts recently. Life has been extremely chaotic, stressful and sickly. But my first born, beautiful little girl Vala turned 5 over the weekend and even though it's nearly 1am, here's a quick post on how her birthday went.

In two words.... not great. The party was a
big success, 14 friends attended, the cake was perfect, everyone had a lot of fun and nothing went wrong... almost. I still don't know what happened but Vala's mood suddenly nose dived at her party. She was happy and sociable at the beginning but once everyone was present, she suddenly became very down. She wouldn't play anymore, or eat, or smile, or even really talk to us. She sat at the party table and moped for the remainder of the party resulting in all the parents asking me what was wrong with her. But I had no idea.

She was still sad when we got home after the party and a teeny bit warm so we gave her some Calpol and for a couple hours she was her bright bubbly self again. Right up until dinner time that is. I let her choose whatever she wanted for dinner but then she wouldn't eat it. She cried and curled up on the sofa not even wanting to get up to say goodbye to her dad when he left. When I put her to bed half an hour later, she was running a small fever with a temperature of 38.3°c. We gave her more Calpol and she slept right through the night. The next day she said she felt fine but refused to eat and was reluctant to go visit her grandparents and cousins.

On the way to her grandparents, who live 2.5 hours away, we stopped for McDonalds as part of a birthday treat. She ate half a packet of small fries and that was it. She didnt want McDonalds she told us. We thought her mood would pick up at her grandparents as she loves her cousins and is always happy when playing them. But again she made it obvious that something wasn't quite right as she sat on the sofa and chose to draw in her new colouring book with her new pencils instead of playing with her cousins who had clearly missed her. She didnt want to do anything with them and waited until they'd gone to stop drawing and come sit with me to watch some tv. She had no temperature and showed no obvious signs of being ill so we couldn't understand what was wrong and she wouldn't tell us either.

So after all my planning and stressing to ensure Vala had the best and most fun birthday possible, she ended up being the thing that "went wrong". Everything went off perfectly from her dad's visit, to the party, to visiting her grandparents. The only reason she didn't have a good birthday is because something is going on with her and we're not sure what.

Two weeks ago her teachers mentioned to me that she's having a hard time concentrating in school and we've got a doctors appointment booked next week to find out what's going on. Hopefully we get some answers and we can work with Vala to help her feel like herself once again. We miss our happy, bubbly little girl and just want to understand what's going on and how we can help her.

So yeah, the birthday weekend technically was a success but Vala didn't enjoy it at all which honestly breaks my heart a little. I just want to see her happy again.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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