Monday, 19 November 2018

My 28th Birthday

Happy Monday everyone! I am very sorry this post is coming to you so late. And the other two that are also behind schedule. Life has been very stressful and hectic recently and NaNoWriMo seems to take up most of my free time now. I've not even had chance to get much gaming in, in the evenings thanks to my novel writing. But that's not what this post is about, no, this is about my 28th birthday.

So last Wednesday (the 14th) was my 28th birthday and it was only ok. Jordan had forgotten to set money aside for literally anything and not only that was working until 7:30pm so we couldn't even have a family dinner for my birthday. So I ended up buying myself gifts on behalf of Jordan and the kids and because I chose them, I love them all. So you, know there is an upside. From the kids I got a beautiful family tree pendant with little emeralds as well as a large bar of my favourite chocolate. And from Jordan I got the just released new novel from my favourite author Matthew Reilly along with a monogram of the three initials that make up all our last names; "DSM".So my gifts were all pretty great...even though I had to buy them myself.

But as for the day....yeah that was alright too. My best friend Adam came over the night before and we spent the entire day chilling at home, doing nothing but watching Always Sunny In Philadelphia on Netflix until Vala finished school. Then once she was home and Flynn had, had his afternoon nap, we caught the bus into town and went to TGI Fridays for my birthday dinner. It wasn't what I had originally wanted to do as Jordan's mum was supposed to be watching the kids while Adam and I went out for burritos and booze but it ended up being a good decision. Plans changed because Jordan's mum couldn't watch the kids anymore and I had to pick a family friendly place to go eat. Somewhere that served food that even fussy-eater Vala would enjoy. I'd never been to TGI Friday's before so it seemed like the best option. I'm so glad we went there because I had one of the most delicious burgers ever! A double glazed Jack Daniel's burger. It was incredible. I also got treated to an ultimate Summers Peach frozen cocktail. The reason it's an ultimate frozen cocktail is because it was the size of my face. It was so yummy though. I literally finished everything at dinner, something I don't do often.

After dinner we caught the bus back again, swinging by Tesco to pick up birthday cake and then we just chilled at home again until Jordan came home with a second birthday cake. It was then that I finally got happy birthday sung to me and the birthday "celebrations" ended. For not longer after we'd had cake, Adam went home again and Jordan fell asleep. As usual.

So yeah, I had to buy my own presents and plan my birthday celebrations around what was best for my kids more so than what I wanted but it was still an alright birthday. Not exactly high on the best birthdays list but definitely not the worst. I mean, I didn't spend it hospital like I did when pregnant with Vala. So there's a win. Now I'm just focusing on Vala's birthday this weekend and hoping she has a much better birthday than I did.

Until next time,
Alli xo 
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