Friday, 30 November 2018

Helping Vala

Good morning everyone! I hope you all slept well. As this is already my third blog post since midnight, I evidently did not. Thanks cold! It's not just the cold that's keeping me awake at night at the moment though; I'm also really concerned about Vala. I mentioned in her birthday post that her teachers had mentioned to me that she's having a hard time concentrating in class and giving them vacant stares whenever they ask her even simple questions like "what is your favourite colour?" They suggested I get her hearing checked and so I've made a doctors appointment to get her referred. However, since making the appointment, I've spoken to Vala's Nanna (on her dads side).

She bought to my attention that there is a condition in their family known as "Delayed Processing". This is where the information given to Vala takes longer to process in her head than it does in ours. Whilst we can easily answer "my favourite colour is green" as soon as we're asked our favourite colour, her brain has to process the question asked and then give her time to think about her answer before she actually answers it. All the signs that her Nanna listed sounded exactly like Vala's behaviour and since her dad, grandad and uncle all have the condition, it seemed highly likely that, that is what she must be suffering with. However then her Nanna also mentioned that Autism runs in their family and that there is also a chance Vala good be high functioning autistic or maybe even suffer from Asperger Syndrome. Whilst the signs and symptoms for either don't seem to match how Vala is behaving, in the last week she has started displaying "Tics". She now unconsciously makes a "hmm" sound every 5 seconds no matter what she is doing; whether that's watching tv, eating or even sometimes sleeping. It started off as just the "hmm" sound but it's since progressed to include the word "Yep" as well. She will randomly say the word "Yep" without even realising she's said it. Last night she started coughing in her sleep then suddenly said "Yep yep" before "hmming" a couple of times and falling silent again. Today, she did the same; cough then say "Yep yep" to herself whilst watching tv. She was off in her own world and completely oblivious to the fact she'd just said it.

All of this seems to have suddenly come on since my parent teacher meeting with her teachers two weeks ago. She wasn't even listening during this part of the conversation so I know she's not just putting it on because we talked about it. So now next week I'll be taking her to see the doctor and saying that the teachers suggested a hearing test however she could have "Processing Delay" or Asperger Syndrome or potentially be autistic and then mention her recent "Tics". I want to get her the help she needs because lately she hasn't been as happy as she normally is and it really upsets me to see her struggling. She's angry all the time now and the tantrums are only getting worse. Jordan and I are beside ourselves not understanding what she is going through or how we can help and that honestly has been keeping me up at night. Worrying about Vala and how to help her as probably only prolonged my recovery from this cold but until her appointment next week, I'm totally lost. I just want to help my little girl and because I don't know how to right now, I feel like I'm failing her. It's horrible.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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