Tuesday, 16 October 2018

The One Minute Rule (Day 2)

So I know today is not a normal post day but after spending a single day doing the One Minute Rule "challenge" that I have set myself, I came to a swift realisation and felt a short update post was in order.

Okay, so... the one minute rule is really good in terms of motivating me to get mundane little tasks done and seeing the list of things I've done pile up was very satisfying and helped my mood stay positive throughout the day. However, I've come to the realisation that the one minute rule is better used when your house is already clean and organised and you're simply using the rule to stay on top of the housework and prevent it piling up and overwhelming you. It is not exactly the easiest when your house is a bomb site, like mine always is. I spent the day doing "one minute tasks" and whilst doing that simple task, I realised there was another simple task that would only take a minute to do, and another, and another. It got to the point where I was physically exhausted and shaking because I'd spent more time doing housework than I had actually eating anything. I sat down at 8:30pm, desperate to wind down but the electric clothes airer was still out. It takes less than a minute to put it away. So I got back up and put it away. I sat back down and saw Flynn's toys still needed to be put away. So I got back up and tidied them away. I sat back down and then saw something else that would only take a minute to do and another thing and yet another thing. I started to feel overwhelmed and "stuck".

I want to do this challenge I set myself but at some point, I need to stop and say no more for today. I know the task I'm looking at will only take me a minute but there's like ten other tasks that will also take me "just a minute". I managed to accomplish so much yesterday and I felt so proud of my efforts but equally I felt like a failure because I stopped following the one minute rule when it got later in the evening and I felt tired, weak and shaky. So yeah, it left me with mixed feelings yesterday and I know I will probably end up feeling the same way tonight.

Eventually, our house will be at a perfect standard and the one minute rule will help us keep it that way but right now, it's more overwhelming and tiring than I was expecting. I'm interested to see how we're doing come day 7.

Until next time,
Alli xo
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