Tuesday, 23 October 2018

The One Minute Rule Conclusion

A week ago I set myself and Jordan a little mini challenge to live by the one minute rule for at least a week. The one minute rule is where you complete any job that only takes a minute to do, immediately. No leaving dishes in the sink overnight or only making your bed once a week; these jobs only take one minute to do so we tried to do them straight away. How did we do?


Day one was definitely the easiest but also the most tiring of the entire week. I was so motivated and excited about changing my lazy habits that I even ended up doing a lot of tasks that took far longer than just one minute. I completely and utterly exhausted myself and even though I felt accomplished at the end of the day, I still felt a bit overwhelmed as it seemed there were still countless one minute tasks for me to complete. I was just too tired to keep going so called it a night. I went to bed with my body exhausted and my brain a buzz, trying to figure out how I could keep this up all week. Was there any way of making it less tiring throughout the day? 


So after the completion of the first couple of one minute jobs in the morning, I very quickly realised that the one minute rule was more appropriate for those people who already have neat and tidy houses and just need a little something to live by to help them keep on top of their chores. My house is always a bombsite. Clothes, clothes, toys and have I mentioned clothes? All over the place, all of the time. I'll wash one load of washing and another magically appears on the floor. I tried my best on day two but I was still recovering from the day before and my enthusiasm had already started to drop. 


By the third day I realised I was starting to fall into a repetitive pattern and I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. It helped that I was keeping on top of the breakfast and lunch dishes as well as keeping the living room floor clean of crumbs so Flynn could crawl around on it without any worries. But I stopped doing the extra things. Those things that technically take longer than a minute but need doing and I was convincing myself that they'd only take a minute to do. I'd put in so much effort on the first day but was very quickly losing all interest in this "challenge" Jordan on the other hand was still keeping to it the best he could. When he'd get home from work he'd find the odd job to do that would only take a minute and get it done. Unfortunately though, the dinner dishes only got completed on day one. They began piling up and suddenly a one minute job, looked more like a ten minute job. 


I thought it was good that I was keeping a list of all the one minute jobs I was completing throughout the day but as the week went on, I realised my list was getting shorter and shorter with each passing day. That somehow made my motivation drop. You'd think it would've been the kick in the backside I needed but it had the opposite effect. My depressed mind managed to turn it negative and started trying to convince myself that I was failing my challenge. I had to start reminding myself that if my house was immaculate, there wouldn't be many jobs on my list beside making my bed in the morning and doing my dishes throughout the day. If my house was immaculate, cleaning the whole house would take me half a day at most and living by the one minute rule would be so second nature I wouldn't even notice. I wanted to get to that point in my life but sadly motivation was sinking fast.


Ahh that Friday feeling. That feeling that makes you not want to do anything. Similar with that Sunday feeling except you know you do actually still have to get up and get stuff done. Motivation was pretty much in the toilet but I still forced myself to get the basic things done. The floor got hoovered, the highchair was never left out, some dishes got done etc etc. I guess some of those tasks had began to feel like they were part of my regular routine so they were easily taken care of. I didn't give it much thought at the time but in hindsight, I am actually really glad how routine those tasks had become. Now I just need to keep that up and add more tasks to that list. 


There is nothing like an unexpected visitor to help you get your arse back in motion and regain some lost motivation. My best friend had told me the night before that he wasn't going to be able to come visit over the weekend, then suddenly messaged me just after noon on Saturday to say he'd be over in a little over two hours. I wasn't even dressed at the time. Suddenly I wanted to get as many one minute jobs done and get this place into a guest appropriate standard.I managed to get quite a bit done in the space of two hours and it left me feeling pretty shattered at the end of it. It was all stuff that I should've taken care of earlier in the week but as motivation fell, so did my productivity. Jordan had still been keeping to it, even if I was starting to slack off. 


Having my friend over made it both easier and harder to keep up with my little challenge. Even if it was technically the last day of it. One part of me wanted to keep doing my one minute tasks and working on the house but the other half of me was in host mode and I felt rude doing housework on a Sunday when we had a house guest. My friend is a naturally tidy person and enjoys cleaning so I knew he would more than happily help me tackle some jobs but I still felt too rude to do anything. I still did my basic jobs and felt good about doing them. Having my friend come visit though does reaffirm that this clean, tidy lifestyle is the one I want and I really do need to stop being so lazy and to take better care of myself so that I'm not so tired all the time. 

In conclusion:

I think I went into this mini challenge with the wrong attitude to be honest. I went in full of excitement and enthusiasm but in reality, I was just doing general household chores. When I stopped being excited about it, it lost all intrigue for me and it ended up being a reminder of just how lazy I actually am. I feel like I should've gone in not excited but dedicated to improving mine and my families way of life. I do know without a question of a doubt though that I do someday want to get to a point where my house is always at a guest standard of tidiness/cleanliness and when I'm at that stage, living by the one minute rule will be the easiest thing in the world. It'll probably stop being so tiring too. The challenge has ended now but I have managed to keep up with a few of the chores. I do make my bed every morning now; Vala's too. I wash the kids breakfasts dishes in the morning as well as lunch dishes. Vala's lunch is always 90% packed before I go to bed and the floor of the most used room in the house gets hoovered at least once a day. Jordan has managed to keep up with a few little one minute jobs too. He no longer leaves rubbish laying around on his desk but instead throws it out straight away. He also takes the rubbish bag down to the wheelie bin outside the moment it gets full. Living by the one minute rule has helped us improve but we still have a long way to go. It's not easy to keep the house perfect with two kids turning it back into tornado valley but with improved attitudes and routines, we should at the very least be able to keep on top of it. I would strongly recommend trying the one minute rule for at least one week in your household and seeing just how much you and your family can get done with little effort at all. 

Until next time,
Alli xo


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