Friday, 12 October 2018

Social Media Cleanse.

It's Friday! More like Friyay am I right? I for one am very excited for the weekend. Jordan is off all weekend, I can have a sleep in and we've got plans set to make the weekend as productive as possible. One thing that's going to make it even more productive is my decision to cut myself off from social media for a short while.

Honestly, I can't take the world at the
moment. Every time I open Facebook or Twitter, I'm immediately met with negative news stories about women being harassed, bullied, assaulted etc. It's a never ending reminder that the world is not a safe place for myself and my daughter. I'm so sick of being afraid. I'm so sick of seeing the news. I know this real life and this stuff happens, believe me I do. I've had my fair share of being sexually assaulted so the last thing I want and need is the constant reminder of those horrible experiences when I open up Facebook to see how my friends and family are doing back home.

I'm a feminist and all for equality for everyone but there comes a point when the war being men and women just becomes too much to handle. So until further notice, I've decided to avoid Facebook and Twitter. It is already a very difficult task. I've nearly opened up Facebook 4 times today. Goes to show how addicted I've become and how ingrained in my life has become.

Here's to a productive, social media free weekend! Happy Friday everyone!

Until next time,
Alli xo
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