Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Halloween 2018

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you are all having wonderful days and nights. Whether you're carving pumpkins, hosting a Halloween party or going out trick or treating, I hope you all stay safe and have lots and lots of fun!

This year is Flynn's first ever Halloween and I wanted it to be special. However my health has failed me today and as a result we have had a very quiet day at home. My still healing migraine has definitely appreciated the rest. But just because we didn't go trick or treating in the local shopping centre like we did last year (the stores give out sweets/candy to the kids), doesn't mean we've not celebrated Halloween. Later tonight Jordan and Vala will be carving pumpkins and on Sunday night we sPent the evening in costume at Jordan's parents. Jordan's mum gave Vala a bucket of sweets that is bigger than her head! She also got Flynn a bucket of the same size but instead of sweets, it was filled with jars of baby foods and snacks.

Since this is Flynn's first Halloween, I decided to carry on a tradition I did with Vala for her first Halloween; a photo shoot! Well, a photo shoot of sorts. I got the kids in their Halloween costumes, laid a white blanket down in front of a plain wall and just started snapping some pics. I later edited them to make them a bit brighter and bolder. Vala had fun posing for photos and I enjoyed carrying on a tradition I created with Vala 4 years ago.

So we've not had the biggest Halloween ever but we've done little things over the course of a week and I'm happy with that. Maybe next year we'll go all out and have a Halloween party!

Happy Halloween everyone and as always;
Until next time,
Alli xo
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