Monday, 22 October 2018

Flynn Monthly Update: 10 Months

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you are all rested from the weekend. Our beautiful baby boy hit 10 months on Saturday, just one day after having his 9 month review. Our cheeky little man has definitely surprised us this month.

How's Flynn Doing?

As stated above, Flynn had his 9 month
review on Friday and he passed everything with flying colours. The only concern was his weight as he is still only 7.7kg (16lbs 15oz). He seems to be fluctuating around this weight. He is sitting just below the 9th percentile line for weight and we need to take him back in 3 months to check his weight again. He eats like a trooper but is a very, VERY active baby; plus has probably inherited Jordan's high metabolism, the lucky bugger. He is 72.5cm tall and loves to pull himself up onto everything. He started trying to climb onto the furniture but hasn't been successful yet. It's only a matter of time though. He loves to cruise along the furniture and will probably be standing unaided soon. 

He FINALLY has teeth! 4 to be exact. He had 3 on Saturday but overnight, tooth number 4 pushed it's way out and he woke Sunday morning with one extra tooth than he fell asleep with which was mind blowing for me. Teeth 5 and 6 are not far behind either it seems. Poor boy is getting them all at once but amazingly he seems to be coping with it really well. No teething rash, temperature, crankiness etc. We almost wouldn't know he was teething. His vocabulary has grown to include Mum-Mum and Mumma on top of Dada and Dad. He can claps hands and loves to play games. He is a lot better at bath time now thankfully. He is extremely cheeky and will try to make a fast getaway if you tell him to stop doing something. He keeps us on our toes and currently robs us of sleep. We wouldn't have it any other way though. 

How's Mum Doing?

Honestly? I'm tired AF! It seems insomnia has returned and regardless or how tired I am, I struggle to fall asleep at night. I've been having to return to bed during Flynn's morning naps just to catch up on what I didn't get the night before. I do feel it's counterproductive. That perhaps my lack of sleep at night is due to the morning nap I have but I physically cannot get through the day without catching up on lost sleep. My body can't operate and lack of sleep makes my mood worse. The health visitor said it herself, the best thing I can do to help myself combat PND is to get as much sleep as my body demands. So I nap when Flynn does. I'm still exhausted come bed time but just can't drift off. 

Physically, I'm ok. Just overweight and unfit. I've been starting to think about weight loss and dieting again. Been thinking about it a lot in fact. But I'm so tired all the time that I'm struggling to make it through the day without adding intense fitness to the daily routine. I just don't have the energy. Less than 2 months left of breastfeeding though and I have vowed to focus heavily on weight loss once Flynn is no longer being breastfed. I can use a lot of slimming Acti-Labs products like their inch loss body wraps once I've stopped breastfeeding so it seems like the opportune time to hit my weight hard and work my arse off to fit into a wedding dress in 2020. Until then, I'm going to let my body rest, recover and keep me warm over winter. 

This past month has gone so fast that it's honestly one big massive blur to me. Granted I've pretty much been a walking zombie for most of it though so it's no surprise I can't remember much of it. Jordan and I are so proud of Flynn's development and over the moon that he passed all the tests in his 9 month review. We're probably not as concerned about his weight as we should be but he eats plenty, has bundles of energy and is a very happy, healthy baby so we're not going to worry until we're told to. 

We love our little man so much and he is growing so damn fast! Can't wait to see what's in store for him this month!

Until next time, 
Alli xo


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