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5 Fun Activities to do with your kids over Autumn Break

The Autumn term break has officially begun! At least for those of us here in the UK it has. Are you dreading a whole week with the kids at home complaining their bored? Well fear not because here are 5 fun activities you can do with your kids these holidays!

Pumpkin Carving

It goes without saying that over Halloween
one of the most traditional things to do is carve pumpkins of all shapes and sizes to make spooky looking jack-o-lanterns. The process can be quite tricky and messy but also a lot of fun. Vala helped carve her jack-o-lantern with Jordan last year and this year we're ready to do it all over again for Flynn's first Halloween. Standard jack-o-lantern stencils can be found on the internet very easily but why not push the boat out a little and try a slightly trickier image? Like this one of Peppa Pig that Jordan carved with Vala last year? Pumpkin carving is a great activity that will keep the kids occupied for a good couple of hours and they look amazing at night with a flickering candle burning brightly inside them. 


Weather outside not as nice as you'd hope? These holidays, the UK is being blasted with arctic winds that is seeing parts of the country be blanketed in snow. Other parts, like where we are, are just dealing with patches of rain. With the weather getting colder and wetter, there might be days where you can't or don't want to go out with your kids and need something fun to do. Why not try baking? Vala loves to bake and not only can it take up a good chunk of your afternoon, but you also get to enjoy all the yummy treats you made. Cupcakes and cookies are very simple to make and if you don't feel up to making them completely from scratch, boxes of cookie and cake mixes can be bought from the supermarket for a reasonable price. Whatever you choose to make, you'll have a lot of fun doing it and even more fun eating it later. 

Costume Fun

Halloween is a time for dressing up and eating sweets (candy) but who says you can only dress up on the one day? Get dressed up for the fun of it and have a theme day with your kids. Something as simple as eating lunch can be made more fun and exciting when you're all dressed up in your creepy costumes; like a little monsters tea party. Any game or activity can be jazzed up when in costume because when a child is in their costume, they enter the world of imagination and what might look like an ordinary blanket fort to you, could actually be a scary cave where a vampire lives to your child. This Autumn break, Vala's Halloween costume is being worn at least three times, with only one of those being on Halloween itself. Vala loves to dress up and delve into the world of imaginative role-play. So throw on a costume, let your imaginations run wild and have some fun!

Decoration Making

Are you hosting a Halloween party this year? Do you just love the spookiest night of the year and want to show off your excitement? Then spend an afternoon making Halloween decorations with your kids. I've already mentioned that pumpkin carving is great way to spend some time but there are plenty of other decorations to be made. Hang tissue paper ghosts from the ceilings, scatter fake spiderwebs around the house, put a glow inside an empty toilet roll with creepy eyes cut out and hide them in the bushes outside your house so it looks like creatures are watching you from the shadows. There are plenty of decorations you can make with your kids and you will have a lot of fun doing it. But if making decorations from scratch isn't your thing, at this time of year decorations can be bought from many supermarkets and you and your kids can have fun spending the afternoon choosing your decorations and spookifying your house. 

Educational Worksheets

Just because the kids are off school doesn't
mean they have to stop learning. Keep their minds active and entertained with these fun worksheets from! Sign up is free and there are hundreds of fun and educational worksheets to download and print off for your kids to enjoy. Vala has had a lot of fun with these worksheets, especially this Autumn leaves maze which made her focused her mind to find her way through the maze. This maze was even more fun after a walk through the neighbourhood looking at the Autumn leaves. Be sure to check out more maths activities at! There are worksheets for reading, writing, maths, problem solving, memory; even creativity. Vala spent over hour colouring in one of their fun holiday themed colouring in sheets. So head over to their website and check out what fun, educational worksheets your kids can get stuck into to keep their minds sharp during the holidays.

Whatever you and your kids choose to do over the Autumn break, I wish you all a happy, fun and safe Halloween!

Until next time,
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