Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Zumba Challenge

Hey everyone! Happy hump day! I can't believe we're half way through the week already. I think I'm actually two blog posts behind schedule because the days are going by so fast that I keep losing track of what day I'm actually on. Either way, it's Wednesday and I've remembered it's Wednesday so I'm getting a post out on time! I'm taking the small victories where I can.

So, I've started a new challenge this week. It's separate from this month's challenge which is going....ok....ish. On Monday I strapped on my confidence pants and did something I've been scared to do in my home for ages.... Zumba. We live in a first floor flat and I've been so scared of our downstairs neighbours hearing me stomping about, that I've put off Zumba-ing altogether. Anyway, Jordan gave me all his support and encouraged me to give it a go and even joined me to help ease any nerves. So there we were, both zumba-ing in our living room and I loved it! Of course I'm completely unfit so had to keep taking breaks to catch my breath but I had a lot of fun and my nerves completely vanished. I woke up yesterday so sore but determined to another Zumba workout. I did the Cardio Party on Monday and Sculpt and Tone yesterday.

This brings me to my challenge. In the guidebook that comes with the DVDs is a "10 day accelerated weight-loss" plan. Basically I alternate Cardio Party and Sculpt and Tone each day while taking rest days on days 4 and 8. Supposedly, if you do the routines and follow their eating guide, you'll lose roughly a dress size in the 10 days. I don't expect to actually drop a dress size but I want to challenge myself to actually complete the 10 day plan. I am so sore but determined. I am genuinely interested in seeing what kind of result I get after completing the 10 days. I made note of my weight on Monday and I'll weigh myself on day 11 to see just how little or much I actually lost.

I'm actually really excited about this. Now that I'm not worried about how much noise I'll make while doing it, I feel a new sense of hope that maybe I can lose weight after all. And maybe it will help me get the confidence to start going back to the gym again. Can't wait to update you at the end of this challenge! Wish me luck!

Until next time,
Alli xo


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