Thursday, 13 September 2018

Vala Started School (200th Post)

Hey everyone! I am so excited about this post for two reasons... firstly this is my 200th blog post! How amazing is that? It is my 150th post for this year alone but 200th overall. I can't believe I've spewed out 200 posts and that there are actually people out there who read them. My mind is officially blown! Thank you to everyone who does stop by, read my nonsense and support me. You guys are amazing! The second reason I'm excited about this post is because it's all about Vala starting school!

Last week Vala had her very first day of school and I could not be more proud. She's a preppy now!
For reference, in Australia, children in their first year of full time school are called Preps of Preppy's because they are in "Prep". In the UK the first year of school is known as "Reception". I don't know what the term is in other countries but here and in Australia, Prep/Reception is the class you take before Year/Grade 1 (essentially it's year 0).

Anyway, Vala was so excited to be returning to school but she hadn't fully grasped the concept that she wouldn't be returning to her nursery classroom with her favourite teachers. It took a lot of explaining the night before for it to sink in that returning to school meant new classroom, new teachers and a 7 hour day instead of 2.5 hours. I was anxious about the school run in the morning though. I was worried that I'd wake up too late and I wouldn't get myself, Vala and Flynn ready in time for the school run and she'd be late on her first day. Jordan was home and coming with us for her first day but I wanted to learn to do the routine on my own because normally he'd be at work and unable to help. The morning (and every morning since) went off without an issue. I managed to get Vala, Flynn and myself ready for school and arrived at school with time to spare. I was very proud of myself.

Not as proud as I was of Vala though. She walked into her classroom like she'd been in that class for years. She found her name and put it on the hook to register her attendance, she put her lunchbox on the lunch trolley with the other lunch boxes and after finding her dedicated hook, she hung her bag up over it. She'd learned from nursery that the school day always started with the kids on the mat and so she turned and wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me tightly, telling me she loved me. I picked her and squeezed her tight and told her I loved her too and was so proud of her. I couldn't stop smiling. She then went and hugged Jordan and Flynn, telling them she loved them both as well. Jordan teared up with pride as he hugged her back and choked up a little when he told her he loved her too. He may not be her biological father but he has raised her since she was two years old and loves her like his own flesh and blood. Being there on her first day of school was just as emotional for him as it was for me. We both beamed with pride as we watched her join her classmates on the mat and waved goodbye to us.

She ended up having a really great day and came home bursting with energy and told us that she loved school and couldn't wait to return the following day. Now I'm just trying to get into a proper morning routine to ensure that we are always on time to school, dressed, fed and not walking zombies....ok that last one is just me but still... It has been a bit of a shock to my body as I'm NOT a morning person at all, but honestly it feels rewarding to get her there on time with all of us dressed and fed. Honestly, right now I just feel nothing but pride. This is the start of a new chapter for Vala and I am so excited to see what it brings for her....and for us.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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