Monday, 3 September 2018

The universe is against me

It's Monday morning and I swear the universe is against me! I'm starting to notice a pattern; every time I do something positive to make me happy, the universe throws me a stinky poop ball.

Yesterday I went and got my hair cut. Not just trimmed, I got a whole new style! Goodbye long hair and hello cute new medium cut. Check out the before and after photo...

I came out of that hair appointment feeling amazing. I love my new look. It seriously filled me with such confidence and made me happy. Then the universe decided I'm not allowed to feel good about myself and broke my bed when I laid down on it. Not even joking, the wood beam underneath split in half when I laid down. If anything is gonna trigger my weight issues, it's gonna be a bed breaking underneath me.

Another example of the universe being against me.... or maybe just me being against me, we're going to the Ice-Cream Farm today. It's a fun little place for families and kids to do a variety of activities like mini golf, indoor soft play, electric car racing, pet farm animals etc. It's an awesome place that we visited 2 years ago and I'm so excited to take the kids today. So excited that I didn't sleep at all last night. Not a wink. It wasn't the excitement that kept me awake but more the stress of getting the kids ready, the 2 hour drive there, Vala inevitably tantruming several times throughout the day etc. To distract myself from the stressful thoughts, my brain decided to think about trivial things like scenes from movies and tv shows. I am so exhausted right now and have already had a massive cry. I try and do something fun and the universe is like "hahaha have some sleep deprivation!" This is so not fair!

I'm gonna try and sleep in the car but knowing the universe, it'll think of someway to torture me.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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