Saturday, 15 September 2018

Farewell Nonna

On Monday, Jordan and I said goodbye to a wonderful woman. His grandmother sadly passed away three weeks ago and her life was celebrated and remembered in a church full of loved ones, all there to say their final goodbyes this week.

I wanted to be strong for Jordan and be his rock through the service but Nonna touched my life too
and the moment my eyes glanced at the service program, my heart dropped and my eyes began leaking. Trying to hold the tears back only made them come on stronger. The service was beautiful though. I sat there and silently gave thanks to Nonna for welcoming Vala and I into the family. She hadn't even met us yet and she'd already bought Vala a bunch of toys and began spoiling her as if she was her actual great-granddaughter.

I still remember the very first time I met Nonna. It was unplanned and very unexpected. Jordan, Vala and I were sitting outside a small little cob shop, having some lunch in the sun. Suddenly Jordan announces his nonna was here and I panicked. I was meeting this woman for the first time and I had no chance to make a good impression. I didn't need to though, she'd already made her mind up about me long before. I made her first grandchild happy and that in turn made her happy and she welcomed me into her family with open arms...literally. I remember she turned to Vala and one of the first things she said to her was "Hello, I'm your Nonna <surname>!" (Censoring the surname for privacy reasons) She then gave Vala a big hug and a kiss and asked all these questions about nursery and stuff which Vala happily answered. She was very warm and friendly and as quickly as she arrived, she departed again to socialise with her friends. Our meeting might have come as a shock to me but it's probably the fondest memory I have. She never saw us as anything less than her family.

When she was diagnosed with cancer, I think we all took the news badly. I was pregnant with Flynn at the time and Jordan and I shared the same concern; would she get to meet our son? One night, not long after the diagnosis, Jordan went to visit her on his own and she told him that she had every intention on living long enough to meet her great-grandson. And she did. She fought her battles and not only lived long enough to meet Flynn but to also witness the first eight months of his life and many of his milestones. We took Flynn around to her house on Christmas Eve when he was just 4 days old. It was a beautiful moment to witness as Jordan handed Flynn over to her. Three generations, sitting there before me, showing nothing but love and gratitude for that moment. I remember having to hold back tears. I'm glad I got to witness their meeting.

So as I sprinkled some earth into her grave, I didn't look down in sadness, I looked down with love and gratitude for everything Nonna had ever said and done for Vala and I. For welcoming us into her family and loving us like we'd always been family. I held Jordan in my arms and together we said our final goodbyes. It hasn't been an easy week for us but I've tried my hardest to be strong for Jordan. I like imagine Nonna is watching over us right now as she plays a game or two of bingo with our friend Brian who we also lost in February this year. She's in a better place now but will forever be in our hearts.

Until next time,
Alli xo
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