Monday, 6 August 2018

Riverside Festival 2018

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you're not suffering from Mondayitis on this gorgeous day. I for one, am tired but the case of the Monday's hasn't gotten to me....yet. We took Vala to her grandparents yesterday where she's staying for a week before spending a week with her dad. That means we're Valaless for two whole weeks! On the drive home Jordan and I decided to use this time to get the house cleared of clutter and sort some stuff out. That is why I don't have Mondayitis; because right now I am filled with a sense of purpose! I've got a lot to do and a busy me equals a happier me. But today's post isn't about all that stuff, no. Today's post is about what we did as a family on Saturday night before taking Vala to her grandparents. We went to the Riverside Festival together.

The Riverside Festival is on for 3 days of the year and Jordan and I have gone twice now. Last year
Vala was already with her grandparents so we couldn't take her but this year we could! It was Vala and Flynn's first time at the Riverside Festival and they both had very different emotions about it.
Vala absolutely LOVED it! She wanted to go on almost every single ride she laid her eyes on. Just not the Ferris Wheel, that thing was "too big" and "too scary" for Vala. But she did ask to go on a giant rotating arm ride called X'treme, which basically flips its occupants upside down in a spinning motion whilst the arm rotates to a height of approximately 80 or 90 feet. Jordan and I both laughed and said she was too small to go on it. She went on a bunch of kids rides though and one adult ride. As we passed the second ever adults ride that I went on, she pointed to it and asked if she could go on. I thought she'd be too little but she was taller than the line on their height chart so she and I hopped on. I honestly thought that when it started, she would freak out, start panicking and ask to get off. I could not have been more wrong. The faster we spun around the louder she squealed in delight. She squealed, laughed, threw her arms up in the air and waved to Jordan and Flynn as we zoomed passed. I was so proud of how brave she was. She really impressed me. She ran to Jordan jumping up and down when we got off screaming "I loved it! I loved it!" We both just laughed happily at our little daredevil.

Flynn's opinion of the festival could not have been more opposite of Vala's. He hated the noise of all the rides his sister was on and cried every single time she was on one. He did seem fascinated by all the flashing lights but the noise overwhelmed him more than the lights did and on multiple occasions, Jordan got him out the pram for koala cuddles (where Flynn clings to Jordan's chest) and to cover his ears. He was a lot calmer in his daddy's arms but due to the crowds, it was safer to walk through the embankment with him in the pram. As it got later and later in the evening, Flynn got crankier and crankier. Which is understandable as we were out passed the kids usual bed time. That was because we were hanging around to watch the fireworks which were starting at 10:30pm. When we found a spot to sit and watch the fireworks, we wrapped Flynn up in his pram and hoped that being away from all the rides would mean he'd fall asleep. He didn't. He screamed and screamed and cried.... a lot. Jordan tried many things to soothe Flynn whilst I kept Vala entertained. Finally Jordan managed to get Flynn to sleep through the power of koala cuddles but he woke up again halfway through the firework display. At first he was mesmerised by the fireworks but then the really loud ones started launching and he didn't like the deep booms.

Jordan had Vala on his shoulders so I held Flynn was the remainder of the display and he calmed
right down and watched the fireworks with us. It was a really nice family moment. Especially when Jordan put his arm around me and the four of us were huddled up together watching the fireworks explode over the river. It was a beautiful and magical moment and one I will treasure for a lifetime.

All in all, it was an amazing night, tears aside. Vala went on so many rides, enjoyed her first ever slushie and left the festival with one of those annoying flashing butterfly wands that sings a song with in audible lyrics and no volume control. She likes it though. All I wanted from the night was to have a nice, bonding time as a family and for Vala to have a lot of fun. I got both. It was the perfect way to spend our last night together before we took Vala to her grandparents. I'm already missing her but I'm holding onto the memories of Riverside Festival to get me through the next two weeks.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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