Monday, 20 August 2018

Monthly Flynn Update: 8 Months

Time really needs to slow down, it's making my baby grow up far too quickly. Today he is 8 months old and it's like he has change dramatically overnight! It's been a roller-coaster month in terms of development with Flynn but thankfully a lot more positives than negatives.

How's Flynn Doing?

Flynn's weight loss continued this month but far more dramatically than we were anticipating. At his lowest weight, he got back down to 6.8kg! That's less than his weight at 6 months old. The cause for his sudden drop in weight was caused by two factors, sudden major increase in appetite and an increase in activity. He went from only eating half a small jar of baby food to suddenly eating half to three quarters of a large jar, seemingly overnight. My breast milk also wasn't enough for him on it's own anymore and he began waking three times in the night again for more feeds. He now has as much baby food as he wants after every breastfeed (excluding the feed in the middle of the night). His weight has gone back up to 7.3kg as of today. Still lower than his 6 month weight but at least he's gaining weight again instead of losing it. 

Now to the positives. He's commando crawling! Five days ago he impressed us by crawling across the livingroom floor in pursuit of toys. He'd been pulling himself along our bed using the bed sheets for a while but when placed on the floor, he wouldn't move. Five days ago hr finally did it and I caught the whole thing on camera. Now he's constantly wanting to be on the move and there's no stopping him. He is also copying us now. He copies sounds we make and we're hoping that soon he'll be trying to say actual words. He has also learned to say no....sort of. He has mastered the art of the head shake and likes to shake his head at us quite a bit. However when he has had enough baby food, he lets us know by shaking his head when the next spoonful is presented to him. He still has ZERO teeth but has no issue chomping down on his baby food. He hasn't had much in the way of solid, solid foods like toast or soft fruits for the simple fact the lack of teeth makes me nervous to give it to him. That, plus he also tries to shove the entire piece into his mouth at once. This month I aim to give him more solid foods and try to get over my fears of him choking on large, unchewed pieces.

How's Mum Doing?

More of the same old, same old. Postnatal depression still weighs heavily upon me and I've even found new triggers that crash my mood faster than frozen urinal water being ejected from an aeroplane. The term "adulting" has been quite frequent in my vocabulary lately. I don't feel like an actual adult at all. I covered this in another post earlier this month but to reiterate, I've felt like a loser who is still living in her late teens/early twenties. Staying up late playing video games, not taking proper care of myself or the house, even feeling like I'm not adult enough to be a mother. Feeling like I'm not good enough for my kids or that I'm letting them down is nothing new and it's essentially the hallmark of my postnatal depression. I still have a great support network but these new triggers haven't been helping me improve at all.

Physically, I've had new motivation from a lovely lady I've befriended online. She's supporting me and encouraging me to make good choices and to get out and be more active. After a single conversation with her, I went out for a 1hr and 20 min walk around the local lake with Jordan and Flynn. Not only did I walk around the lake but I also stretched out my muscles properly, did jumping, high kicks, push ups, tricep dips and even attempted to jog! My SPD has been flaring up a lot recently though and my groin hurt way too much to actually jog properly. But I still tried! And I felt really proud of myself for doing it. I sent my friend photos of our walk and kept her updated of what I was doing and she was like my own personal cheer squad, cheering me on and telling to keep going. I feel really good having her support and I don't even know her real name. I just know her as Crimson and that's what I continue to call her. I like having a female friend to talk about this stuff with and more people in my support network is always a positive!

So overall this last month has been an eventful one for both Flynn and myself. His weight and my mood both dropped but both our levels of activity increased! If I didn't know any better, I'd say we were starting to mirror one another. My prediction with him crawling by 8 months was correct though, so I'm going to make another prediction for this month and say that he will be pulling himself up by this time next month. I can see it now, 9 month old Flynn, standing at the coffee table, he pulled himself up to. Baby proofing naturally  has already begun but I am so excited to see what he's going to get up to next!

Until next time.
Alli xo


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