Monday, 13 August 2018

Geeking out with Battle for Azeroth

Happy Monday everyone! I am full of cold today and feeling rough as hell but it is not dampening my spirits because tonight is the global launch of Blizzards new World of Warcraft expansion; Battle for Azeroth! We're T-minus 9 hours until it launches and I am FINALLY starting to feel excited about it.

For a lot of you, none of this will mean anything but the last few expansions, Horde and Alliance forces have had to work together to defeat a common enemy, this expansion we're killing each other and destroying places the other faction loves (RIP Teldrassil and Lorderon). I hadn't been excited about this story line at all because after so many expansions working together, it seemed really stupid that we should turn on each other as soon as we defeat the common enemy.

However, the closer we've got to the launch, the more excited I've become. The pre-patch content has actually evoked a lot of emotion and passion in me. The writing and story-telling is brilliant. It has made me hate the leader of the horde with a burning passion and has created an unwavering loyalty to my faction. I play Alliance and I felt proud to stand beside our king and kick some horde backside outside of Lorderon.

I've never felt so passionate about the story-lines as I do in this expansion; and it's not even launched yet. I'm really hoping the story throughout this expansion is just as good as it has been during the pre-patch content. This game and it's story is actually making me feel genuine emotion and connections to people and places. I hope that one day my writing can create this kind of emotion in my readers as I'm feeling playing WoW.

I've got my six max level characters ready to start the levelling grind to 120. I've got drinks and snacks to keep me going and I'm eagerly awaiting the launch at 11pm tonight. The servers are always crazy busy and it's amazing to be in a world full of other people, all sharing the same experience. I'm pumped!

Until next time,
Alli xo


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