Monday, 9 July 2018

Who This Was All For.

It seems I may have had an epiphany! Yesterday I was talking to a few friends about the novel I am working on and the more they asked me about it and the more I talked about it, I started to realise something. The real reason I've not given up on it.

When I first started writing this fantasy novel, it was just to reignite a lost passion within me. However soon I started to believe there might be some potential in my story that I could one day get it published and hopefully make a financial contribution to my family from it. However, the hope of getting it published hindered me greatly. I couldn't stop editing each sentence after writing it. I needed it to be perfect. Publisher perfect. Progress slowed and the doubt started sinking back in.

But after talking to these friends (and a bit of motivation from good old Hugh Jackman singing "From Now On") I realised who this was all for. My daughter. Vala. I wanted to be a role model to her and since starting, that motivation has shifted slightly. It's more than just showing Vala (and now Flynn) to follow their dreams and passions. In my novel is a bunch of subtle messages that I want to get across to not just my own children, but other children/teens/young adults as well. Messages such as; Women are strong, capable, independent, powerful, brave and more. That being different is good and not to be ashamed of who you are. And also that love is love, no matter what race, gender or sexual preference.

I want not only my children to read this story and believe they can be who they want to be and do what they set their minds to, but I want others to know it too. After suffering self-esteem issues for years and having no confidence in myself and constantly doubting myself, I know that I don't want my kids or others to grow up feeling the same.

So at the end of all of this, it doesn't matter how successful this novel is, or if I make any money off it, as long as those underlying messages reach a few hearts, it'll be a success to me. I will set an example for my kids to pursue their dreams and passions and I will teach them that they can be anything. Shoot for the stars. Take chances. Walk with your heads held high. Everyone is beautiful in their own unique ways. Find your inner warrior and embrace them. I believe in you!

Until next time,
Alli xo


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