Friday, 13 July 2018

Wheelgate School Excursion

Hi there everyone! Happy Friday to you all. As stated in my post on Tuesday, Vala had a school excursion on Wednesday, hence the lack of a post that day. I can now happily tell you that the excursion was to Wheelgate Pleasure Park in Mansfield, Nottingham. Jordan drove Flynn up and met up with Vala and I there and we turned the school excursion into an extremely fun family day out.

We got up early and I left Flynn with Jordan while Vala and I went to school and travelled to Wheelgate on a school bus with all her teachers and friends. Not long after we got there, Jordan arrived with Flynn and we spent most of the morning with two of Vala's closest friends; Lacey and Sky. They went on a massive playground, having a blast on a huge slide before heading to one of those inflatable bounce mounds that sit in the ground. Vala had never been on one before so it took her some time to get her footing. I joined her on there for a little bounce and I instantly felt like a little kid again. Jordan then took Flynn on there and sat with him on his lap. Flynn wasn't too keen on it.

Next we headed out of the hot sun and into "The Land of the Pharaohs" which was actually a huge indoor soft playground. Vala ran in with Jordan close behind (I didn't have socks on which meant I couldn't go in) and I didn't see them for over five whole minutes. Eventually they reappeared atop a large slide and zoomed back down into view before running out of sight again. Vala's friend Sky joined them and every so often we'd see a glimpse of the girls and Jordan off in the distance.

After a quick lunch break, it was time to head to the water park! This was by far the highlight of the
day for me. I actually stripped off and into my bathing suit and hopped into the water with Vala. Given my self-esteem issues, walking around in my bathers was a big deal for me. Jordan stayed with Flynn beside the water but didn't venture in as he didn't bring his bathing suit. He did dip Flynn's feet in at one point and Flynn did not enjoy it one bit. The water park had water spraying everywhere and a giant bucket that would fill up and tip once full, pouring gallons of water over our heads. I loved being drenched by the bucket. The water park also had 4 moderately big waterslides and one little waterslide for younger kids. To my absolute surprise, Vala actually went on two of the big waterslides and loved them. This was the first time she'd ever been on waterslides before and I was so proud of how brave she was. I went on a couple myself and my inner child came out once again. I had genuine fun.

It wasn't long before the school had to leave but thanks to Jordan driving up, Vala and I were not required to catch the bus back home with them. Instead, we stay in the water park for well over an hour after the others had left. We had so much fun that we completely forgot to reapply sun screen and as a result, I got very sun burnt and Vala and Jordan got a little burnt. Thankfully Flynn was kept shaded all day and came out burn free.

Close to home time, we made one last stop a pond that had bumper boats in it. Since I'd just spent over two hours in the water at the water park with Vala, I suggested that Jordan go and have some fun with her. He took Vala out in the bumper boats and before too long, they were spinning around in circles thanks to Vala's steering. It was almost as entertaining to watch as it was to be on the actual boat. Vala came out saying the boat ride was "amazing". A quick stop at the gift shop on the way out finally our day out was at an end. Vala and I had so much fun and whilst Jordan did sit on the sidelines for quite a while, watching over a sleeping Flynn, he did still enjoy the day as well.

We've decided we'll definitely be visiting Wheelgate again at some point. It's the perfect place for our family. Plenty of activities aimed for younger children but made for adults as well. The Land of the Pharaohs indoor soft play ground may be meant for kids but they've made it big enough for adults to play on as well since smaller kids need to be accompanied by an adult. It gives Jordan and I to act like kids again ourselves and play with Vala on her level and I love that. I can't wait until Flynn is older and tall enough to play there as well.

Can't wait until our next family trip out. Who knows where it'll be to?

Until next time,
Alli xo


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