Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Transition Day

Happy Hump Day everyone! I hope your Wednesday's are treating you well. I am slowly dying today and it's only partially from the heat!

Today is transition day at school! Vala got to spend an hour and a half in her new classroom, getting to know her new teachers. Sounds all well and good doesn't it? Well it would've been but the school decided rather than the kids staying at school for the full day, instead they would send home for one and a half hours before requiring them back for their regular afternoon nursery session. That means I have to do the school a total of FOUR times today. Leaving the house at 9:25am, 10:55am, 12:30pm and 3pm.

I was already not looking forward to having to do the school run in 25 degree heat due to the fact I
have to assemble the pram every time I go out. Because we live on a first floor flat, I have to completely put the pram down to get it in the house and shut the front door. It takes about 2 minutes to fully disassemble and get inside and another two to set back up again with a bit of carrying parts up and down the stairs. So I thought the day was going to be frustrating because of that.
However, at 9:20am I realised that the pram wasn't in the house. Nope, it'd had accidentally been left in Jordan's car after swimming lessons last night and it has gone to work with him. He works 50 mins away by car so there was no chance of him bringing it back. So I had to carry Flynn to school. By the time I got home from the first run, my arms were dead. I tried to drink a glass of water and my arm started trembling. Turns out I'm a lot weaker than I thought!

So in the first hour and a half that Vala was at school, I turned the entire house upside down looking for my old baby sling that Flynn was a bit too big for now. 5 minutes before I was due to leave to pick Vala up the first time, I found it. It was the most rush job ever but it worked. Flynn wasn't as supported as  he was as a baby but it took his weight off my arms (but not my back) which made the walk to school and back a lot easier. My back was gonna take the brunt of it whether I used the sling or not but the biggest downside of the sling is how much warmer you get. I had beads of sweat dripping off my nose and onto Flynn's head because it was so much warmer wearing him against my chest like a koala. Even he started burning up, pressed up against me, wrapped in cloth.

I'll say it's all worth it though because Vala absolutely loved being in her new classroom, with her new teachers and she didn't want to leave. She also didn't want to go back at 12:30pm because she was confused about going to school twice in one day. She was very happy once we got there though and she ran off with her friends. I have absolutely no doubt that come September, she'll do amazingly in full time school. She loves it there so much and tries really hard. One of the teachers even took me aside and told me they were very impressed with how well Vala sat and practiced her writing and how serious she took it. She said it was very cute to see. She also told me that Vala enjoys playing "teacher" so who knows, maybe a future career path for her haha.

Anyway, I am going to go and put my feet up and rest before I have to go back to school for the fourth time today in an hour and a half time. Long day for all of us involved!

Until next time,
Alli xo


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