Saturday, 21 July 2018

Monthly Flynn Update: 7 Months

Hey everyone! I know this post is coming a day late (I seem to be doing that a lot lately) but that is only because the sickness bug that Flynn had, made its way to me. Yesterday I spent most of the day either unconscious or vomiting violently. It wasn't nice at all and because I was so unwell, I almost missed taking my monthly photo of Flynn. I got one just before his bed time though thankfully. I can't believe he is 7 months to be honest. With how fast time is going, his birthday is only around the corner. 

How's Flynn Doing?

Flynn's physical development appears to have slowed down in this passed month. In fact he has even lost some weight. He now weighs 7.5kg (16lbs 08oz). We're putting his weight loss down to his increase in activity as well as the fact he had a tummy bug this week which saw him throw up quite a lot. Flynn is definitely a right little character though with such a cheeky and adventurous personality. He's getting better at sitting up unaided. We know he can do but his constant desire to be on the move results in him falling over in one direction or another. He still has ZERO teeth! Something I can hardly believe. 

He started sleeping in his own room with Vala and is completely unphased that I'm not sleeping beside him anymore. He still wakes multiple times in the night for a feed though but we thinks that's more a habit that he'll quickly grow out of.  He rolls around to get to where he wants to go but tries really hard to crawl. He gets into crawling position with very little effort at all now. He loves attention and is a very smiley little man. He is doing ok with weaning, he tends to take the spoon from me and then most of the food just ends up on his face but progress is progress. He loves to talk and play games with us. I can already tell he is going to a right handful once he is off and walking but I look forward to the challenge.

How's Mum Doing?

Well besides from recovering from the nasty stomach bug Flynn gave me, I am doing alright. Honestly though, I have no idea how I've been doing this month. Time has flown by so quickly that it feels like such a huge blur. I think I've been so busy and occupied by various things that it's helped keep my mood up more than normal. I can't recall having nearly as many break downs. I did have a major one which resulted in a screaming match with Jordan though. We were getting ready to switch furniture around from room to room and we both had different ideas of how to go about it and I couldn't handle it. But definitely keeping busy and being productive has really helped me deal with my postnatal depression this month. I've painted the kids room, got the rooms mostly rearranged, went on a family trip to Wheelgate Pleasure Park and to my nieces 1st birthday. I've worked hard on my novel and have nearly completed my Camp NaNoWriMo challenge of writing 30 pages in 30 days. A feat I'm quite proud of. 

Physically, I have been alright. Feeling rather unfit and wanting to go back to the gym but finding the time at the moment has proved quite hard. Every day the Jordan has had off work, we've had other things booked and by the time he gets home from work, im too knackered go. It does mean I've not gone for two whole months and we're still paying for it so I really do need to get my arse into gear and head back. The stomach bug has left my body feeling worse for wear, especially my back muscles which are severely bruised from so much violent vomiting. With Vala off school next month though, I do aim to try and get to the gym once she's goes to her dads for a week, leaving Jordan to watch Flynn on his days off. That's my aim for next month, to get back to the gym. I wanna try and go 6 times in the month. I doubt I will but it's the goal im setting myself. I did also get my results back from my diabetes test and thankfully, I don't have type two diabetes yay!

As I said last month, it feels like I only just wrote Flynn's 6 month update so I don't want else I can really add. Our family is happy and despite each having the stomach bug at one point or another, we're all healthy as well. Jordan and I have a feeling that this month might be a big one for Flynn. He is behind Vala in terms of teeth (she had 4 by this age), sitting up unaided and lifting arms to be picked up. However he is further ahead in terms of crawling. I feel within the next month he will be crawling with at least one tooth poking through. If I'm right, it's definitely going to be a big month for Flynn and we cannot wait to see how what he does next!

Until next time,
Alli xo


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