Tuesday, 10 July 2018

A Day In My Life

It's Tuesday and I know what you're thinking, this isn't one of your usual blogging days and you'd be correct, it isn't. However tomorrow I am out all day as Vala has a school excursion. Jordan and Flynn will be meeting us there and joining on the excursion so it's turned into a proper family day out.....with school. Either way, because of my absence tomorrow I figured I could either do a blog post today or on Thursday instead. So here we are. I didn't really know what to write about today so figured I'd give a general run down of a typical day in my life.


- Be woken at 5am by Flynn wanting his morning feed. After feeding we both fall back to sleep.
- Wake up again later at an unspecified time. Essentially when Flynn wakes up properly.
- Laze around in bed until Vala wakes up and comes in demanding breakfast.
- Sleepily drag my lazy backside out of bed and make Vala's breakfast, forgetting to make my own.
- Sit on the bed and make faces at Flynn before changing his nappy and feeding him. 
- Make myself a coffee, still neglect breakfast, wash my face and apply a clay mask.
- Give Vala a shower and wash my clay mask off.
- Between 11:30am and 12pm on weekdays, I get myself and Flynn dressed for the school run.


- At 12pm I get Vala dressed and ready for school along with finding everything she needs for school.
- Take the pram downstairs and get it all set up. Come back up to get Flynn & put him in the pram. 
- Walk to school with Vala and Flynn and stand around for ten minutes outside with the other mums.
- Drop Vala off at school and then make one of two choices: Go home or go to Tesco.
- If we go to Tesco, I shop, pick up lunch and return home.
- If I go home, Flynn gets fed and put down for a nap then I might do one or all of the following; have a shower, work on my novel, watch a stream, play a video game or do house work. 
- Two and a half hours after school drop off I reassemble the pram, put Flynn in it and head to school.
- I'll stand outside for ten minutes with the other mums waiting to allowed inside.
- Sometimes after school pick up, if I've not already been to Tesco, I will walk down with Vala and Flynn and pick up stuff for dinner. 
- Once home with Vala I prepare her afternoon tea, change Flynn's nappy and feed him again. 
- While Flynn sleeps and Vala plays, I'll usually be on my pc doing something. 
- Sometimes I will start cooking dinner just before 6pm other nights, Jordan cooks or we order in.


- Stating the obvious, we eat dinner! At some point. No actual set dinner time due to Jordan's work.
- Around 7:30pm Flynn is normally changed, fed and put to bed for the night.
- Around 8pm Vala is ready for bed and either Jordan or I will put her to bed and read a story. 
- After both kids going to bed it's free time for myself and Jordan to do whatever. Usually we'll play games on our computers. Sometimes we'll watch tv together or play a game together. Very rarely, we'll do housework after the kids have gone to bed. 
- Usually Jordan will fall asleep in his computer chair and I'll have to wake him and put him to bed.
- Flynn will wake around 11pm for his evening feed.
- Sometime around midnight I'll climb into my bed myself and then lay awake in the darkness for hours.

So yeah, that's a typical day in my life. I wouldn't say I live a particularly interesting life, it is what it is. Depending on what day of the week it is, we may have other things on. On Tuesdays for example, Vala has swimming lessons. If Jordan has a weekday off, he'll do the school runs and we'll usually go out for a family walk in the evenings. Sometimes I squeeze a gym session in there somewhere but admittedly, I've not gone in a month (bad me). This is just a bulk standard, nothing special going on kinda day for me. Get up, get what needs to be done, done and do whatever it takes to prevent myself from curling up in a ball and crying (thanks PND). 

This may be my typical day now, but that is all about to change when Vala starts school in September. Excited to see how much that shakes things up for me!

Until next time,
Alli xo


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