Saturday, 30 June 2018

Monthly Challenge: June

Well it's safe to say that this month has been a more crazy portion of a roller coaster. You know the sections where you're looping and spinning around left and right, zooming up and down almost at the speed of sound? Yeah, it's one of those kind of months. Even sitting here looking back, it has just been one massive blur of tears, tantrums, fights, triumphs, laughter and love. But that isn't what this blog post is about. Nope, it's that time of year where I reveal what monthly challenge I set for myself and tell you all about how it went.

This month, I decided to challenge myself to do something that put me outside of my comfort zone. Even if it was just a single foot outside my comfy zone of safety. Well I'm proud to say that I did that. Not just once but multiple times. This month, I started streaming by myself, on my own channel. That took a lot of courage to do. The internet can be a hostile place at times, very judgmental and I don't feel I'm the most entertaining or even that great at video games but I still went for it. I did a total of four streams this month. One of which was only a short stream but Vala joined me and together we played a game called 'House Flipper'. You literally just clean up old houses, decorate them and sell them. Vala loves it. Thankfully none of my streams were met with any negativity and as a result, I plan on continuing on with it from time to time. Just a bit of casual fun really. Who knows, maybe one day I'll even get to 50 followers and become a Twitch Affiliate! Not that i'm aiming for that but it would be an accomplishment I suppose. If you're into gaming or watching people play games and you don't mind watching a crazy Australian be pretty bad at most games (and probably swearing like a sailor) than feel free to give me a follow by clicking HERE!

Moving on, the second thing I did that put me out of my comfort zone was wearing the outfit in this photo. The reason it put me out of my comfort zone is for three reasons. Firstly, my flabby bingo wing arms are on display. Secondly, whilst you can't see it, the skirt is actually knee length meaning my pasty white and thick calves are on show as well. Lastly, the outfit is not at all baggy. It is figure hugging and does not hide my mum tum at all. It felt strange just wearing it around the house but I wanted to really step outside my comfort zone so I took Vala to school wearing it and I picked her up and later as a family we went out for a walk to Tesco and after a while I forgot my arms and legs were on display and that my mum tum was noticeable. The following day I also wore a looser fitting but still knee-length dress (without tights on underneath) and went for a family walk and out to dinner in it. It certainly was a somewhat uncomfortable experience but I did feel "pretty" if you will. I still don't feel ready to be dressing that way all the time but once in a while might help with my confidence issues. Especially considering I got nice compliments from the mums at Vala's school.

So yeah, from streaming to wearing some new outfits, I definitely stepped outside my comfort zone this month and completed the challenge I set myself. I'm glad I did it. I think it was healthy for me to do and I'll probably keep pushing myself a little bit at a time to get out there and rebuild my extroverted confidence!

Until next time,
Alli xo


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