Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Flynn Monthly Update: 6 Months

I honestly cannot believe I am already saying these words... Flynn is 6 months old TODAY! I can't believe it! Half a year already! Time is flying by so fast and he's growing much too quickly. I want to enjoy the baby phase a little while longer but Flynn and time aren't letting me. He looks less baby and more toddler with each passing day and I don't know how to feel about it. I love seeing him grow but at the same time I'm so emotional at how fast it's all happening. To be honest, I'm in a little bit of shock that we're at this stage already!

How's Flynn Doing?

Flynn is developing and growing at such an alarming rate, this almost doesn't feel real. He now weighs 7.8kg (17lbs 03oz) and is 67cm tall (2ft 2.4in). We can already tell that he is going to be a right mischievous little man as he gets older. He isn't sitting up fully unaided yet as he is constantly wanting to move. He will not sit still at all. We know he can sit unaided because we've seen him do it but as soon as he realises what he's doing, he'll throw himself towards something. He now prefers to sleep on his tummy more so than his right side and with him spending so much time on his front, he's getting close to crawling quite quickly. He has worked out the legs and will sit there on his knees, bum in the air and face on the ground. However as he hasn't worked out the arms yet, he just shuffles forward little by little on his face. He has learnt how to move around in a circle on his belly though so we often find if we put him on his back to sleep, 20 mins later he'll be on his stomach and rotated 180 degrees in the cot.

He still has no teeth despite everyone telling me for the last 3 months straight that he is teething. He's not teething, he is just a massive dribbler! He also loves to squeak and talk and yell and giggle. He is a very VERY happy baby and smiles at everyone. He laughs at nappy change time and tries to shuffle away while giggling. He absolutely loves Row Row Your Boat and loves to bounce. Even to the point that he'll sook in protest if you stop bouncing him. He's a very snuggly baby, loves a good cuddle and milks all attention he gets. I can't believe how fast he is growing, he'll be off before we know it and I am not ready for that. He's growing too fast! Happy half a year my son. Slow down a little will ya, mummy and daddy want to enjoy the baby stage for a little while longer haha. 

How's Mum Doing?

Well apart from being in shock that I have a six month old son already, I'm still riding the emotional rollercoaster of hell. My mood moves up and down more often than a yo-yo does. Whilst I've gained confidence and motivation in some areas, I've completely lost it in others. I've not been to the gym all month because the thought of struggling while exercising in front of people reduces me to tears and I talk myself out of going. Last month I started joining Jordan when he streamed and I felt it bought us closer together. This month I started streaming myself on my own channel. I still streamed with Jordan though so we still got to bond and spend time together whilst I put myself out there for people to see and judge me on my gaming skills. I've also been a lot more motivated to write and the ideas seem to be flowing nicely now. 

Physically, it's pretty much more of the same. My body is fine, I'm just very very VERY unfit! I have been exhausted all the time lately though and I think that is due to low iron. I started remembering to take my postnatal vitamins again so here's hoping they help. Going to the gym just proved how unfit I really am. Even the most basic warm up leaves me struggling to breathe and dripping in sweat. It's actually really humiliating and the biggest reason why I've not been going to the gym. I'm not afraid of hard work but being surrounded by people breezing through their workouts while I struggle to breathe on the lowest possible setting is incredibly embarrassing. My last trip to the gym, I wanted to run out crying because I felt so crap about myself. Deep down, I do want to go back to the gym and work my arse off but mentally, I'm not prepared to humiliate myself in front of complete strangers...even if they're not actually looking at me or paying me any attention. 

Overall, as a family we are all doing as well as we can be. This month has flown by so fast that I don't know what more to add. It feels like I was only writing up Flynn's 5 month update last week! All time has just blurred together and I've lost track of days. I do however have a blood test tomorrow to determine whether or not I have type 2 diabetes so here's hoping I get positive results back from that. I'm really worried I will have diabetes. We'll see.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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