Thursday, 31 May 2018

Monthly Flynn Update: 5 months

Hey everyone, this update is super late I know but thanks to my 30 Day Writing Challenge, I honestly forgot all about it. So my apologies for that. Flynn, Vala and Jordan all have colds at the moment despite the warmer weather so things are a bit miserable right now but nonetheless, hers what's been going on this past month.

How's Flynn Doing?

It's hard to believe how fast our happy little vegemite is growing. He weighs roughly 7.5kg (16lbs 08oz). He has made quite a few discoveries recently including his voice, thumb and feet. Anything he gets his hands on goes straight into his mouth and he is a world class dribbler. We keep checking for any teeth breaking through but there are no signs of them yet. He absolutely adores Vala. He still insists on sleeping on his right side, as close to me as he can get. This will be his last month in his bedside cot and I'm honestly going to miss him sleeping next to me. 

He has learned to enjoy tummy time now and is ok having baths until his hair gets wet, then it's scream city. He slides around on his back the way his sister used to and his hair is starting to thin on the back of his head. When on his stomach he gets frustrated that he can't move towards anything and has started displaying attempts at trying to get into a crawling position. He has a favourite small teddy bear called Bluey which he instantly calms down for and reaches out for when we offer it to him. This is his last month of being exclusively breastfed as next month we'll be starting him on solids as well. He loves attention and will smile for everyone. He shows signs of being bashful as well by burying his face into me whenever he smiles at myself, Vala or Jordan. 

How's Mum Doing?

Honestly I am doing better than previous months. Mood is still up and down but Jordan had two weeks off work so having him home all fortnight really helped keep my mood up. We had several fun days together as a family, Jordan did the school runs to give me a break and we even started a new project together; gardening! We've been tackling the front garden and whilst the progress is slow, we're still enjoying working together on something. I've also got Jordan back into livestreaming and have been joining him each stream. I believe the streams have been bringing us closer together, bonding us and improving both our moods. It's also inspiring me to be creative again.

Physically I am doing great! I returned to the gym this month! Figured with Jordan off work for two weeks, I might as well make use of my limited free time. The gym had completely changed since I'd been away with a total refurbishment bringing in lots of new equipment. I had a refresher inductions and got to know all the new equipment. My level of fitness became apparent though when I couldn't even complete my original workout program. I'm too unfit now so have to work my way back up to my old program. I'm really wanting Jordan to accompany me at the gym but with family stuff going on at the moment, it's a tad hard to get someone to watch the kids for an hour. 

Either way, I think this last month has been quite a good one for all of us. More family time has made us all happier and allowed us to bond again. I feel more creative and excited to try new things and Flynn is learning new things every day. He never ceases to amaze us.

I can't wait to see what this next month holds in store for us. I only hope it's a good a month as this one was.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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