Monday, 21 May 2018

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day Twenty-One

"What three lessons do you want your children to learn from you?"

There are a lot of lessons I want to teach my children or to pass on to them but there are definitely three that I want them to never forget. 

1- You can do/be anything.

I grew up believing there were right and wrong options for me. My interests and hobbies were usually never taken seriously and as a result I never felt supported to pursue what I wanted. I wanted to be an author so bad but I didn't feel like anyone supported me or even took that dream seriously. Over the years my passion slowly died and I began to believe I would never be an author. So I tried to think of a more practical career and ended up studying to one day become a teacher. It was never my passion though and as it turns out I never graduated uni and don't have a fulfilling a career but I am writing again and trying to be a published author like I always wanted to be. I want to raise my children to pursue their passions and let them know that they can do anything and can be anything that set their minds to. 

2- Treat everyone with equal respect.

It doesn't matter where a person is from, what languages they speak, what religion they follow, who they love, what they do for a living, how they dress etc. On the inside, everyone is the same so treat everyone with equal respect and the same level of respect you'd want them to show you. 

3- Learn to love yourself

This is probably the lesson I struggle with the most and don't want my kids to struggle with it too. Loving yourself means taking care of yourself. Eating well, sleeping well, living a healthy lifestyle, being happy etc. The relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you'll ever be in, if it's not a healthy one there is a good chance your other relationships won't be as. So I want my children to learn to love themselves and never put themselves down or compare themselves to others.

I have so many other lessons to teach my babies as they grow up but these three I'd probably class as the most important and I never want them to forget them.

Until next time,
Alli xo
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