Thursday, 3 May 2018

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day Three

"What are your top three pet peeves?"

Hmm this is a tough one as I can't say I really give my pet peeves much thought so I don't know what I'd class as my "top three". Here are just three things that I'd consider to be pet peeves.

1- Not closing things or putting them away

My fiancĂ© Jordan is terrible when it comes to this. He'll make himself a sandwich and then leave the bread open for it to go stale. He'll have a small bottle of drink and just places the cap back on rather than screwing it on tight. As a result our carpets have seen it's fair share of spillages. He'll forget to put the milk away after cereal and the butter after sandwiches and it really drives me a bit bonkers. 

2- People making plans with other people in front of you

By this I don't mean complete strangers making plans with each other whilst you're within ear shot, I mean people you know inviting other people you know to do something whilst you're in a group conversation. This never used to bother me until my daughter was born. Now it really bothers me when I'm talking to people, in a group and they make plans for their kids to do something together and don't ask if Vala would like to join. For example, two girls in Vala's class just started taking ballet classes together because the mum's arranged it one day during a conversation I was apart of. I tried to get details on the class so Vala could join with her friends but the lack of information they gave me made it obvious that they wanted it to be just a thing between their two daughters. I think it's a pretty rude thing to do and I make a point of not making plans with someone if a third party, whom I don't want to invite, is involved in the conversation as well. Either make plans together privately or open it up to others to join if they wish. 

3- People moving my things. 

I am not a particularly organised person or even the most neatest but when I set things up or put things in place, I do so in a way that works for me and I hate it when people interfere. I function best with disorganised chaos. Things may look a mess to others but the clutter is formed perfectly to work for me. Things like, chest organisation in games or placement of items on my desk as well as where I keep my clothes or where certain utensils go are just some of the things that I don't want other people messing with. I really hate it when I go to get something and Jordan has moved it or put it back in the wrong place. It seriously frustrates me way too much. 

There we have it. Three of my pet peeves. Again, not sure if I would consider them my "top three" pet peeves but they're be pretty high on my list.

Until next time,
Alli xo
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