Sunday, 6 May 2018

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day Six

"Five ways to win your heart."

1- Care about my children.

I think it goes without saving that my children are my life and if you don't care about them or have any interest in getting to know them, then you have no chance of finding your way into my heart.

2- Support me.

I'm a highly emotional person and have a lot of dreams and goals. If you want to win my heart, you've got to support me in every aspect. You need to be my rock when my depression hits hard. You need to encourage me when I want to give up. You need to listen to my problems and concerns and you definitely need to stand by me as I pursue my dreams. 

3- Earn my trust.

Actually harder than it might sound. I have been back stabbed and had trust broken too many times to count. I've been cheated on and been in abusive relationships and as a result I find it very hard to trust people. There's one way to know for sure if I trust you and that is if I happily leave my children in your care. If I can't trust you to keep them safe in my absence, I don't really trust you.

4- Make me laugh.

Laughter warms my heart and the warmer my heart is, the more likely you're gonna find yourself in it. I'm normally pretty stressed and a class A worry wart so making me laugh means you're making me happy and everyone wants to be happy. The more we laugh together, the bigger spot in my heart you get. 

5- Be open and honest with me.

You're not likely to win my heart if you close yourself off from me. Just like I want you to support me, I want to be able to support you too and that goes for all aspects of life. I want you to be able to cry in front of me. I want you to be able to tell me your fears. I want you to be able to rely on me as I would with you. If you be open with me, my heart will be open to you. 

There you have it, five sure fire ways to win my heart. I wouldn't bother though, my heart was won a long time ago by my incredibly, wonderful fiancĂ© Jordan whom ticks all five criteria. I love for him burns brightly for all eternity and no one will ever be able to steal my heart from him. 

Until next time,
Alli xo
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