Thursday, 17 May 2018

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day Seventeen

"Post about your zodiac sign and whether or not it fits you."


Strengths: Resourceful, brave, passionate, stubborn, a true friend
Weaknesses: Distrusting, jealous, secretive, violent
Scorpio likes: Truth, facts, being right, longtime friends, teasing, a grand passion
Scorpio dislikes: Dishonesty, revealing secrets, passive people
Honestly, I'm not one who buys into the whole star signs stuff but going off what it says here, I'd say it's about 50% accurate. I'm definitely stubborn, a true friend, a tad resourceful and I guess I can be kinda brave at times. I am distrusting but that's is only because my trust has been broken so many times. I'm not secretive or jealous and I'm definitely not violent. As for those likes, only teasing, truth and longtime friends is accurate. Dislikes only got the dishonesty right. Dishonest people are the worst.

So yeah, I'd say the sign fits me a bit but I'm still not overly convinced by star signs and the whole astrology thing.

Until next time,
Alli xo 
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