Tuesday, 15 May 2018

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day Fifteen

"Bullet point your day."

This was a fairly straight forward challenge to complete. Here's is how may day went down in bullet point form.

6:40am - Flynn woke for feeding.
8:20am - Vala woke up.
8:30am - Jordan (who's off work) made breakfast
9:00am - I jumped in the shower
9:30am - Jordan jumped in the shower
9:45am - I was dry and dressed.
9:50am - Fed Flynn.
10:00am - Did house work with Jordan
11:00am - Got Flynn dressed and ready to go out.
11:30am - Showered and dried Vala
12:00pm - Dressed Vala for school
12:15pm - Fed Flynn
12:35pm - Took Vala to school (nursery) with Jordan and Flynn
13:00pm - Arrived at the gym
13:30pm - Left the gym
13.50pm - Arrived home
13:55pm - Fed Flynn
14:05pm - Put Flynn down for a nap.
14:10pm - Watch a friend live stream
14:50pm - Got Flynn ready to go out.
15:00pm - Left to pick Vala up from school with Jordan and Flynn
15:20pm - Made Vala afternoon tea
15:50pm - Fed Flynn
16:00pm - Watched TV and played with Jordan, Vala and Flynn
17:00pm - Put Flynn down for a nap
17:40pm - Began cooking dinner
18.10pm - Ate dinner
18:45pm - Watched TV with Vala while Jordan did dishes
19:00pm - Fed Flynn
19:45pm - Got Vala dressed for bed and brushed her teeth
20:00pm - Put Vala and Flynn to bed
20:15pm - Watched TV with Jordan
22:00pm - Jordan streams and I wrote out blog post.
22:30pm - Blog post goes live.

There you have it folks. My day in bullet point form. It wasn't the most exciting of days but it was productive and I'm happy with that. 

Until next time,
Alli xo

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