Friday, 11 May 2018

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day Eleven

"Something you always think 'what if...' about."

The one thing I frequently think "what if" about, is my previous relationships. Not because I wish things had gone differently but because the end of each one directly lead me down the path that has bought me here. I'm so happy with the life I have now that I often wonder what would my life be like now had I done a single thing differently. What I have been half as happy as I am now, if I'd taken my boyfriend David back after he told me he wanted to marry me? Would I have a lot more kids if my marriage hadn't ended? Where would my life be it weren't here? 

The downfall of my relationship with David, lead me to make new friends, one of whom was a guy in the UK called Pete. After my split with David, I started a long distance relationship with Pete. I then moved to the UK to be with him. We married, had Vala and then the marriage fell apart as he turned out not to be a nice guy. After my marriage ended, I casually dated a friend called Cameron for a while. It was never anything serious but in waiting for Cam to finish work one night so we could skype each other, I found a Twitch streamer with an awesome community. I joined the community and made a bunch of friends. One of those friends was Jordan. The relationship between me and Cam fizzled out and a little while later, Jordan and I got together. The rest is now history. I love Jordan with all my heart, we are engaged and have a beautiful son together. 

But I do wonder how different my life had been if things had been different. I'm glad they're not different though because I'm very happy where I am. If I got to do things all over again, I'd do them exactly the same so that I always ended up right  back here with the life I currently have. I wouldn't change this for the world.

Until next time,
Alli xo
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