Monday, 23 April 2018

Monthly Flynn Update: 4 Months

Hey there everyone, sorry for the delay in my monthly Flynn update; we've recieved some bad news about someone close to us (I'll cover in another post) and it's taken some time to wrap my head around it. As a result things like my novel and this blog have been a tad neglected this month. But on Friday, Flynn turned 4 months and we can't believe how fast he's growing.

How's Flynn Doing?

At 4 months old, Flynn is weighing approximately 7kg (15lbs 04oz). This came as bit of a shock to me as up until now, he's been gaining 2lbs every month but this time he has gained just under 1lbs (he was 14lbs 05oz at 3 months). He appears to be feeding more and I'm still producing plenty of milk so the lower gain goes to show just how active he's becoming. 

Flynn's eyes are greenish brown and we can't work out what colour they're changing too or if they'll stay green and brown like Vala's eyes. His current favourite things to do include standing and sitting up. He has extremely strong legs that let him stand for long stints when just holding onto our fingers. He laughs now and it's almost impossible to get his hands out of his mouth. He loves to chew on his hand and suck his thumb, index and middle fingers. He sleeps on his right side (never his left) and if you try and roll him onto his back, he'll just immediately roll back onto his side. He still hates bath time but his feelings about tummy time seem to steadily be improving. He's a nosy little man who just always wants to be up so he can see everyone and everything. He is a world class dribbler and smiler. He loves to talk to us and loves his own reflection.  He didn't appear to enjoy the warm weather we've recently had as he became a bit more cranky than normal. But he has a really cheeky little personality developing and he makes everyone smile when they see him. He's such a lovely little man and we love him so much. 

How's Mum Doing?

As you'd probably expect by now, I've been up and down and it appears it's for several reasons (which I'll cover in another post). With my mood yo-yoing, so is my diet and weight. Even when cautious of what I eat, my weight still appears to go up, which in turn brings my mood back down. I have periods of high moods though and during those times, I tend to get something productive done, like working on my novel. I do feel good when I get something productive done .

Physically, I'm fine, though my body feels tired a lot of the time. Lethargy leaves me wasting most of the day/evening on the sofa binge watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The show really perks my mood up but binging it obviously has negative effects on my activity. Since moving Flynn from the carry cot on his pram to a pushchair, I've startes enjoying walking more again. The pushchair is easier to set up so going for walks with Flynn doesn't feel like such a massive chore anymore which is great!

Jordan and I are making plans to start hitting the gym every weekend while his mum watches the kids. We took advantage of Toys R Us/Babies R Us closing down and bought a breast pump. The plan is to express enough for Nonna to be able to feed Flynn while Jordan and I are working out together. Feels weird to be relinquishing full feeding responsibilities but it could be good for all of us, Flynn especially as it'll help him bond more with his dad and Nonna. This month has been a roller coaster month with a lot of changes and it's made us excited to see what next month holds for Flynn.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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