Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Easter 2018

Totally late to the party but HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! I do apologise for the lateness of this post but things got a little chaotic over the Easter weekend and I'm also full of cold and really run down. Hope everyone had wonderful Easter's ours was fairly stress-free for the most part, although admittedly I am a little disappointed with the weekend.

Good Friday

Good Friday meant Vala broke up for school the day before and Jordan had the day off so we all had
a fairly chilled and relaxing day. In the evening however we attended a surprise party for Jordan's step-grandparents. It was their golden anniversary and their son, Jordan's step-dad, had organised a surprise party for them at a local pub. They were genuinely surprised and everyone had a great evening. Everyone except me. On the tables were blown up balloons and instructions on how to make balloon animals with them. At first I had a go just to make Vala an animal and then a second go to compete with Jordan to see who made better balloon animals. Unfortunately I made good balloon animals and I kept having kids asking me to make them balloon animals. I was full of cold, feeling unwell and just wanted to sit and relax but instead I became Bo-Bo the clown, entertainer of kids who were little brats. I spent most of the night wanting to go home. But everyone else had a good time and that's what matters.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday came and went so quickly and I feel rubbish by how little we actually celebrated it. I had been extremely unwell on Saturday and so wanted a quiet, stress-free day at home and to get plenty of rest in bed. The Easter Bunny still stopped by the night before though and left plenty of eggs and bunny footprints around the house as a well as a letter to Vala and Flynn. Vala woke us just before 9am (decent sleep-in for her) and despite my sleepless night thanks to my blocked sinuses, I still got up and watched Vala race around finding all the eggs the Easter Bunny had left. It didn't take her very long to find them all and then she immediately began eating them before breakfast. That was the extend of our Easter celebrations sadly. I still felt incredibly run down and unwell so returned to bed. Jordan stayed up with Vala and she spent the rest of the day playing, drawing and watching TV. In the evening, Jordan took both kids to visit his Nonna and I stayed at home to get some more rest. I feel bad that I spent the day in bed rather than with my family. And I feel even worse that it was Flynn's first Easter and I didn't do anything significant to celebrate it. I know he can't eat chocolate yet but I still could've tried to do something special for him. I was just too tired and unwell though to even think of doing anything. My brain was thinking of one thing and one thing only; sleep! Again, the others seemed to have enjoyable days and Vala was really happy so that's all that matters. As long as she had a good day, the day was a success in my opinion. 

Easter Monday

Easter Monday was spent most driving
around. We took Vala to her grandparents (on her dad's side) and they live nearly two and a half hours away. We had to stop every hour on our journey to take Flynn out his car seat and stretch his legs. This was advised by both my health visitor and midwife after he was born. The frequent stops meant the journey took us nearly 3 and a half hours instead. There was also quite a bit of congestion that slowed us down. Vala's dads side of the family is quite large (he's the eldest of 10 children) so his parents house does usually get quite busy on a normal day. But this was no ordinary day. No, not only was Vala going to be there, whom they'd not seen since her birthday last November, but Flynn was also going to be there and only Tim and Lisa (Vala's grandparents) had met him before. So we had everyone showing up, all at once to see Vala and meet Flynn for the first time. Even Vala's dad showed up despite telling me he wasn't going to be there. He didn't tell anyone he was coming so he came as a great surprise when he showed up unannounced. Flynn was completely overwhelmed and due to the hourly stops on our journey, hadn't slept properly so was quite cranky. He fell asleep on Nanna Lisa though and it melted my heart. I told everyone that until they're old enough to understand it, Vala and Flynn won't know they're half siblings and so Flynn would grow up calling them all aunts, uncles and grandparents just like his sister does. It was also revealed that they all still considered him a nephew/grandson before I even mentioned it. It meant a lot to me that they still considered him family despite the fact he has no blood relation to them at all. Means a lot that they still consider me family and also consider Jordan family now too. He feels a little uncomfortable about being considered family but he is Vala's step-father. He is family to her which means he is family to them. One of the many reasons why I love that family. Despite Vala's dad being there and making the odd snide remark towards me and calling me his wife numerous times, we had a really fun day. Even me, who was still ill, finally found some enjoyment. I also got my hair cut whilst I was there which was an added bonus. 

All in all, the Easter weekend went fairly well. I didn't get as much enjoyment out of the weekend and we didn't celebrate as much as I'd have liked but the important thing was that Vala had a great weekend. Flynn was too young to understand this year so I'll make a big fuss next year to celebrate his first proper Easter. We left Vala at her grandparents and she won't return home for another week and a half. I miss her like crazy but she is so happy staying with her family and they've all missed her too. She's having so much fun and I'm really happy knowing she is. 

Until next time,
Alli xo
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