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My Top 5 Favourite Video Games

Today I thought I'd share with you my top 5 favourite video games. With the exception of the game in first place, I have sunk many, many, MANY hours into these games. They're my go to games when I need a little me time or when I'm playing online with friends. Some you may have heard of, some you might not have. If you're into gaming and looking for something new to try, why not consider trying one of these.

1. Bastion

Genre: Action-Roleplaying
Game Link:

I have only ever played Bastion through once but I immediately fell in love with it. The story, art style and soundtrack are all beautiful. It's a short game that I managed to complete in a little over six hours. Bastion very quickly became my favourite game. The only reason why I've never played it more than once though is the story is defined by the choices you make in the game. I was so happy with the direction my story went that I never wanted to play through any other variation of the game. Great little Indie game to try out if you've got a few hours free time one afternoon.

2. World of Warcraft

Genre: Mass Multiplayer Online
Game Link:

I cannot count how many hours I have sunk into this game. At first I wanted nothing to do with this game because of all the negative stereotypes you hear about it. But when my (ex-)husband spent more time playing it than acknowledging me (not the games fault, he was just a neglectful jerk), I decided to start playing it so we could spend some time together. He was horrible to me in game because I was a total "noob" and in the end I decided to try playing it by myself. I never expected to fall in love with it. Everyone gets a different experience from playing WoW but for me, I absolutely fell in love with the lore and characters. The depth and complexity of it all made me feel like I was playing inside a story book and as a result, it's taken my heart. I do take regular breaks from it though and return when new content it added. I'd honestly recommend this game and seriously ignore the negative stereotypes. It doesn't ruin your life or make you a social pariah And it isn't full of sad nerds with no lives. The guild I play with is full of wonderful, friendly people who lead full, exciting and busy lives.

3. Team Fortress 2

Genre: Multiplayer First Person Shooter

TF2 as it is abbreviated to was always my go to game when I was super bored of majorly frustrated. There was just something about the fast paced, cartoon styled, kill everyone on sight, that I really got into. It was fun and challenging and always, ALWAYS lifted my mood up. Killing an enemy (a fellow player) was so satisfying. Maybe it was the comical way they died or just knowing that you out smarted another player that made it so enjoyable. I have sunk countless hours into this game and it will probably always be one of my go to games to play. I wouldn't say it was a particularly violent game. I mean yes, the whole point is to kill your opponents whilst completing missions but it's violent in the same sense the Road Runner is violent. It's funny, not gory. Oh, and did I forget to mention that it's free to play? Just another great thing about this game!

4. H1Z1

Genre: Battle Royale

If it weren't for this game, I honestly wouldn't know Jordan. I was bored one night and decided to watch a random Twitch streamer play a random game. Browsing through the list of games being streamed I chose to watch H1Z1 because Battle Royale is always a fun genre to watch and play; and at the time, it was the most popular BR game. Scrolling through the list of people streaming the game I randomly selected JonOfAllGames and began watching him play. Through Jon and his stream, I met Jordan. I won a Steam gift card and ended up buying this game myself. I played several hours both by myself and with groups of friends I made through Jon's stream. Whilst Jordan and my relationship remained long distance, we played H1Z1 together almost every single night and we have a lot of fun, fond memories of it. Of course now there are plenty of other BR genre games to play, (Player Unknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite to name a couple) that the player base has shrunk quite a bit. I don't mind though, H1Z1 will always be my favourite BR game.

5. Subsistence

Genre: Survival

Finally on my list, comes the game I've been playing most since Flynn was born. A simple survival game that is easy to jump in and out off. It was created by a single developer who held a full time job and worked on it in his free time. For a game made by a guy in his free time as a hobby project, it really turned out to be an amazingly good game. There's a lot to do and surviving isn't always easy. I'm a right sucker for base building so thats the element I enjoy the most in this game. The game has done so well that the developer very recently quit his job to work on it full time. It is making him enough money that he can live off it and dedicate all his time to it. The work he did on it in his spare time was incredible enough; I can't wait to see where the game is going to go now that he is working on it full time. A lot of fun, especially with friends, definitely worth giving it a go. 

So there you have my top 5 favourite video games. I'd love to hear what your favourite video games are. Leave a comment below telling me what you love to play.

Until next time, 
Alli xo

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