Monday, 12 March 2018

Mothers Day 2018

Monday rolls around yet again but hopefully you all had lovely weekends; mothers especially. Sunday was Mothers Day here in the UK and I am very happy to report that I had a wonderful day!

If we ignore the 6.45am and 8.50am feeds, I was allowed to sleep in! Just after 9 o'clock, Jordan took both kids out to tesco to pick up ingredients to make me breakfast in bed. The quiet house meant I got the first decent sleep in since Flynn was born. I woke up at 11.30am to the sounds of commotion in the kitchen. Jordan bought me coffee in bed. The mug the coffee came in was a gift with photos of both Vala and Flynn on it with the words "Mummy, you are the greatest" written on it. Vala then presented me with a small bunch of beautiful yellow roses. They hurried back off to the kitchen and I could hear Jordan trying to figure out how to make pancakes. Before he could get started on that though, his mum unexpectedly arrived and I had to very quickly get dressed and look moderately presentable. She didn't stay though, she just stopped by to drop of a mothers day present for me. I'm still not sure why she felt the need to get me anything but I am grateful. Jordan gave her our gift and card to her and after she left he went back to the kitchen and I climbed back into bed in preparation for my brunch in bed. After the first two pancake failures I could see Jordan was starting to feel guilty and defeated so I bung on some music and started flipping the pancakes for him whilst he changed Flynn's nappy. The pancakes were pretty damn good and whilst I didn't have them in bed, I kinda liked the fact it was a team effort to make them.

After bunch we set out to the local lake for a family walk. I've now decided that walking around the lake is a mothers day family tradition because we did the exact same thing last mothers day. There's just something so relaxing and calming about walking around the lake, getting fresh air and exercise and having a laugh with the people I love most. Thanks to the recent bad weather there was A LOT of thick, oozy mud which we couldn't get the pram through, so we couldn't do the entire lap of the lake. We walked as far as we could on the paved sections and then turned back once we reached mud paths. Vala had a bit of fun playing on two separate play grounds and even held Flynn as she went down the slide. I got a lot of really beautiful photos of all of us as well.

After our trip to the lake, we went out for dinner to family favourite restaurant; Frankie & Benny's. I'm glad we made a table reservation as I have never seen the place so busy. Seems everyone had the same idea as there were kids running around everywhere. No matter where I looked I saw mothers enjoying a much desired alcoholic beverage and tired looking dads trying to keep their kids in line to ensure their significant others had an enjoyable mothers day. With the amount of noise, I was worried Flynn would wake up and scream the entire time, thus adding to the noise and ensuring our meal was less than relaxing. Thankfully however, he slept right through and our meal was very pleasant. Vala couldn't finish all hers though as she was exhausted from all the walking and excitement from the day. We got home and she took herself off to bed at 6.30pm. That's an hour and a half earlier than her usual bed time. After some one on one time with Flynn, he eventually settled too and Jordan and I spent the remainder of the night gaming together with my friend Adam. We were all in bed and exhausted by midnight.

I feel so lucky and so blessed to have such an amazing family. I cannot put into words how much I love my family. I got some great gifts yesterday but the greatest two gifts of all are the ones that call me 'mummy' or 'hrr gerrrr' in Flynn's case. I could never have imagined I'd end up with two incredibly beautiful and wonderful children nor that I'd be with an amazing man who loves and supports us as much as Jordan does. I truly, truly, truly am the luckiest woman alive!

Until next time,
Alli xo


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