Monday, 19 February 2018

My Fantasy Novel

Last night Jordan and I were scrolling through Right Move looking at houses up for sale and it quickly dawned on us that any that would be perfect for our family, are too far out of our price range. We would have to save £20k just to be able to put a deposit down on one. This bought our moods down because with only Jordan working and me being a stay at home mum with two children, the likelihood of us saving that kind of money is incredibly slim. With our current household income, it would take us years of living by necessity to save up. Maybe we could do that if we didn't have the kids but we want our children to have experiences, to go places, try new things etc. We don't want them living off staple meals and never going anywhere fun for the next few years just so we can buy the perfect family home. Rather than deprive our children of a fun, exciting childhood we agreed we need to find some way of making more money. We discussed me getting me a job but then realised that after child care costs, I'd have to be working 40 hours a week to make it worth while and even then we'd barely be any better off. I don't want that any way. I want to be the one who raises my children, not some child care worker. It's not worth it to be approximately £50 better off each month. So what can I do from home?

This is where my fantasy novel comes in. I started it last year and so far have only got as far as
chapter three. I might be talking too ambitious here but I'm hoping that if I can finish it, I can get in published and make some money from it. I'm not expecting to be the next Rowling or Tolkien or even the next Meyer; I'm hoping I can make a little something to put towards our future home. Trouble is, I lack the confidence to keep pushing myself. I second guess every sentence I write and a lot of the time, I hit the "too hard" button and walk away. The more I write, the worse I feel the story becomes and this is why I haven't finished the third chapter yet. I need the confidence and motivation to finish my book and the balls and determination to get it published and promote it. My goal is to finish it, get it published and try desperately to make £1,000 from it to put towards our home. Some of you might think I'm too ambitious with my £1k goal; others of you might think I'm setting the bar too low. Either way, it's my goal and now I just have to push myself harder and harder. I need to spend my free time researching and writing instead of watching tv or playing computer games. I need to work my arse off to make this a success. I need to dedicate as much time as I possibly can to this and just hope that something comes of it.

You can be sure that if I complete step one (finishing it) and step two (publishing it), that I'll be promoting the hell out of it here on my blog as well as my Twitter. I could do with your support though. Give me creative writing tips, give me your opinions, if you're into the fantasy genre, start a conversation with me and tell me what you like or don't like about the genre. Even just the odd comment here and there telling me I can do this, would be the motivation I need to not give up. Any support you guys could give will always be appreciated immensely.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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