Friday, 2 February 2018

Monthly Fitness Update: February.

It's February already! Hard to believe that we're already well into the year. Feels like just yesterday I evaluating my weight, health, fitness and deciding what goals to set myself for this year. I really cannot believe we are here; my first monthly fitness update!

Current Weight: 104.0kg
Loss since last month: 1.3kg
Loss since start weight: 5.6kg

Wednesday saw me hit 6 weeks since my c-section which meant I was allowed to start exercising properly again. Something I'd been eagerly looking forward to. Unfortunately I decided to have mastitis and the was suffering from a mild fever. Thankfully the worst of the symptoms (high fever, chills, pains) played havoc with my body the night before so come Wednesday evening, I felt mostly human enough to get up and go for a night walk. It was nothing big, just a walk to the shops and back but it was one extra walk than what is required of me daily so to me it felt like an accomplishment; especially since I wasn't feeling 100%. I took this photo before I set off for my walk and no, I'm not wearing make-up. It's just very fortunate lighting combined with an Instagram filter haha.

Yesterday I tackled my first walk to the leisure center since before I conceived Flynn. I dropped Vala off at school and then walked the 20 minute walk (one way) to the leisure center, pushing Flynn in the pram and music softly playing in my ears. At first the walk was easy but then suddenly, out of nowhere, I began struggling. I'd gone from enjoying the walk and feeling energetic and happy, to suddenly wanting to be at home and heavy. My legs felt like lead jelly (heavy but wobbly) and I honestly considered giving up and turning back. I am proud to say that I didn't let myself give up. I pushed myself and made it to the leisure center. Once there I took a water break, stretched my legs a little and grabbed some brochures on exercise classes and swimming lessons for Vala. I've found quite a few classes I'm interested in and just need to figure out how to attend them whilst working around Jordan and the kids schedules.

I've started weaning myself back off sugar and increasing my protein intake. I'm going to miss all the chocolate and soft drink but I was only allowing myself to have so much junk during those 6 weeks of rest and recovery. Now it's time to be strict with myself and push myself to get this weight down. I'm so close to my second weight goal of 99.9kg and I know if I focus and work hard, I will achieve it! Now I just need to create a kicking work out playlist for my daily walks and eventual return to the gym. Do you have any songs that really get you pumped up and motivated to exercise? If so post it in the comments section below. Your song suggestion could really help me whip my body into shape.

Until next time,
Alli xo


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