Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Flynn Monthly Update: 2 Months

Yesterday marked two months since Flynn was born. The time has flown by but it has been a wonderful albeit taxing time with him. This past month has been challenging I won't deny but it has also been quite wonderful as well.

How Flynn is doing:

At 2 months old Flynn now weighs 12lbs 14oz (5.85kg) and measures 58.5cm long (1ft 11"). He is following his growth lines perfectly. 75th percentile line for his weight and 50th percentile line for height. It seems he puts on 2lbs every month which is good and healthy to see. This month saw him meet many members of his extended family at his great-nonna's 75th birthday party. He was handed around the room like a puppy at a primary school. He didn't seem to have an issue being smothered in attention and affection though. 

Flynn definitely still loves to eat and to smile whilst doing but now we've added talking into the mix. He will talk with a mouthful of boob and look at me and smile. He'll also bite down and pull on my nipple when he is trying to fill his nappy. All I can say is, I'm not looking forward to him doing it when his teeth start coming through. He is a very clear mumma's boy and is very clingy. If he's awake he wants attention and affection all the time and will crack it if he doesn't get it....or if he gets it but not in the way he wants it. We love listening to him cooing away and smiling at us whilst trying to grab his toes. His first developmental leap was taxing for us but we got through it and it's amazing to see how much he has changed in a single month. Can't wait to see what he'll be doing next month!

How mum is doing:

Sadly I still appear to be riding the postnatal depression train. Most days I can cope with it and get through the day with little issue but if I don't sleep well, everything becomes too much to cope with. Thankfully since last month the insomnia has gone and I have my appetite back. Insomnia being gone means I do get more sleep but there are still some difficult nights. I have been insanely stressed out though. A lot going on this month has left me that way. Stressed about finances, the house, the future etc. Trying to push through but the stress coupled with the PND makes me one bad incident away from a total nervous break down. I'm a lot more tense and snappy and as a result, I keep trying to shut myself away from everyone and everything. I'm surviving though, but just barely.

Physically I'm doing pretty well. All pain and discomfort has gone from my lower abdomen and sometimes I even forget that I recently had a c-section. Heart rate is not an issue at all but there is still some residual SPD. I was told it can take 8-12 weeks after birth for the pain to fully go away so hopefully I won't notice it at all soon. It's mostly just getting in and out of bed, or rolling over in bed that sets the pain off so at least it's not disrupting day to day life.

This month has flown by but thankfully not as fast as the first. Things don't seem a complete blur. Wanting to really knuckle down on my writing and fitness now that most postnatal obstacles are out my way but still got a few little mental demons to deal with first. Our family has definitely adjusted to being a family of 4 now and the love we share has grown immensely. It's been hard but well worth it. 

Until next time, 
Alli xoxo


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