Monday, 1 January 2018

New Years Resolutions 2018

Happy New Year! Officially! It's 2018 and now is the time that everyone starts making their new years resolutions. Some make only one, others make multiple. One thing is universal though, most people never actually keep to theirs. I am notorious for flunking out of my resolutions. Last year my resolution was to write a novel. I started. Got 4 chapters in. That's it. Ok we can argue my life was pretty consumed by my rough pregnancy but a lot of my failure was due to lack of motivation and self doubt. The novel is still a work in progress though. I've not given up on in it, I just never got it completed like I set out to do. Maybe I was being a little too ambitious trying to write an entire novel in one year but at the time, writing one page a day didn't sound impossible. This year though, my resolutions are a little bit easier to keep to.

Blog more!

That's right, I aim to blog more. As I stated in my last post, I've set up schedule to post 3 times a week plus a Sunday photo and I aim to keep to that schedule. I spent the last parts of 2017 compiling a long list of blog posts to write throughout the year. So no matter what the year holds for me, I should at least still have some content to share with you all. Now I just need the discipline to keep to schedule and get more serious with this blog.

Learn to drive.

This one might be hard for some to believe but at the age of 27, I still don't know how to drive. Peer pressure to drive as a teenager actually had the opposite effect and made me too nervous to go for my licence. As I got older and moved out of home, a car didn't seem practical. I lived a 1 minute walk away from the train station that dropped me a 15 minute walk from my work. Learning to drive and getting a car just seemed like unnecessary expense. Then just before I moved to the UK, I was a passenger in my boyfriends car when a speeding driver ran a red light and nearly impacted us. Had it not been for my boyfriends quick reaction time, the driver would have hit my door and killed me instantly. Since that event, I suffered from severe anxiety when in cars. Busy roads, high speeds (like on motorways) and various other variables left me a hyperventilating, crying mess. Being a passenger is terrifying enough, so I've never wanted to get behind the wheel myself. But now that I have two children and we hope to move home some time this year (further away from school), it seems me driving is the most practical idea. So I aim to overcome my fears and learn to drive this year. Wish me luck!

Get back into shape.

Probably the most common new years resolution is to lose weight or get more active and this year I am jumping on that band wagon. For me though it's recovering from my pregnancy last year. Getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight (and hopefully losing a lot more), getting more active again after spending most of last year "taking it easy" and pretty much just pushing myself to be a more healthy version of me for my children. I want to be able to play with Vala and Flynn at the park and set a good example for them as they grow up. So whilst looking good is a tempting reason to lose the weight, being a good role model and keeping up with my kids is a much better reason for me to want to keep this resolution. I aim to return to the gym some time in March once my body has had enough time to recover from the c-section and Jordan is more confident being left alone with our son for a couple hours. Setting myself small goals to start with and hopefully pushing myself more and more as the year goes on.

So those are my three new years resolutions for 2018. Some may argue that three resolutions is overkill but I'm hoping that by setting multiple goals for myself, I'll at least keep to one. I only had one resolution last year and I didn't accomplish it so fingers crossed I have more luck this year.

What new years resolutions have you set for yourself this year? I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to share in the comments section and maybe we can motivate each other to keep to our goals this year.

Until next time,
Alli xo.


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