Wednesday, 17 January 2018

My Fitness Goals for 2018

It's hard to believe we're already passed the half way mark of January. Where is the time going? I've got just under 2 weeks left until I'm allowed to start properly exercising again which means my attention is now turning towards my fitness goals for this year. I know I have to be realistic, there is absolutely no chance that I can get down to my ideal weight in a single year. So I'm asking myself, what is realistic? What is achievable? I'm thinking I'll set myself monthly goals that'll helped me towards an overall goals for the year. So what are my overall goals for the year?

Lose the baby weight.

I am proud to say that this pregnancy I didn't actually put on too much weight. I was 110kg at time of conception and at my heaviest during pregnancy, I was 117kg. My consultant was happy with my weight gain as I managed to keep within an acceptable range. I think I can thank 11 weeks of a gestational diabetes friendly diet for keeping my weight manageable. But even though I didn't put too much on, it still needs to come back off. Breastfeeding will definitely help me drop a few pounds but I'm not going to rely on it alone to help shed this extra weight. First order of business is to find out how much I currently weigh. And there's the first hurdle - my scales battery is dead. I tried to weigh myself the other day and nothing. I know we have a spare battery for it somewhere but I have absolutely no idea where it is. So that's step one, find the new battery and weigh myself so I know what I'm dealing with.

Return to the gym.

I never intended on leaving the gym but health problems during my pregnancy made my gym workouts too difficult to do. Not to mention actually getting to the gym practically impossible. I'm speaking of the tachycardia of course. The 20 minute walk would be more than my heart could safely handle and I'd be exhausted before even starting my gym workout. I suspended my gym membership and I'm hoping to return in a couple of months. I'm aiming to return sometime around March or April. Of course I won't be able to go as often as I'd like with Jordan's work hours. To start, I'll only be able to go on weekends but hopefully during the summer months (when it stays lighter for longer) I'll be able to squeeze in a quick work out session in the evening. I am determined to get back to the gym.

Start using my Acti-Labs weight loss products again.

Before I fell pregnant last year, I was using Acti-Labs weight loss and slimming products to assist with my weight loss and they were really helping! I had to stop using the products during pregnancy because the effects on an unborn baby (if any) are unknown as Acti-Labs have not tested their products on pregnant of breastfeeding women. Of course I'm breastfeeding so I can't dive straight back into using the products until we've started weaning Flynn. Once some of his breastfeeds have successfully been replaced with solid foods, it should be safe for me to start consuming the diet shakes, soups, strip tea, noodles and potentially the Hydraslim again. I will probably hold off using the inch loss slimming wraps until Flynn is fully weaned at a year old. So I'll be weaning Flynn off breastfeeds and weaning myself back onto Acti-Labs weight loss products. Admittedly, I can't wait to start using them again, they helped so much with my weight-loss last year and taste great!

Add yoga and stretches to my workout regime.

One thing I didn't have in workout regime last year was yoga and stretches aimed towards increasingly my flexibility. I did standard stretches before and after a workout to avoid injury but I never pushed myself the way I used to back during my dancing days. I've been looking into acquiring a yoga mat and some proper yoga clothes and spending 30 to 60 mins a couple times a week, practising yoga positions and stretches at home. Maybe then once my confidence and abilities have improved, I might look at trying to get to the odd yoga or Pilates class providing I get some free time away from the kids. 

Bring back the Zumba!

I am the proud owner of  Zumba DVD's and toning sticks and I love them. I LOVE Zumba! However, they've been gathering dust for well over a year now. The only reason for that is because we live in a first floor flat and I am very self conscious of how much noise my stomping, jumping and dancing will create for the downstairs neighbours. I have missed getting my Zumba on for ages and this year we're hoping to move to a new home. We're looking at moving to either a terrace house, a semi-detached or at the very least, I ground floor flat to make it easier to get the pram in and out the house. If we are successful in finding a new place and moving this year, the Zumba DVD's will be coming back out and I'll be grooving the afternoon away in the comfort of my own living room. I've always loved the workout Zumba gave me.

Attempt Running.

This is my last goal for the year and it's one that I may not be able to do. I have the strong desire to get out and running but two dodgy knees make running a bit painful. On top of that, I actually don't know how to run. That might sound weird because who doesn't know how to run, seriously? Well I spent 8 years doing gymnastics and 7 years dancing and those two activities encourage you to run on your toes and be light on your feet. As a result, I can only run on my toes which is the incorrect way to run. So in order to feed my desire to run, I first need to learn how to run but I also need to find a way to make it less painful for me. I do need physio done on my knees but it's a bit difficult when you have two children to work around. I have an image in my head that one day I am able to run properly and go out on runs with my daughter. I want to make the image a reality one day. It may not be this year but one day, I want to running around our local lake with my daughter by my side. I also have on my bucket list that I want to complete a colour run and one day I plan on working towards being able to cross that off my list. That is a goal for another year but gotta start somewhere and this year I intend to attempt to make a start towards running properly. 

I don't know my current weight (though I know it's above 110kg) but my ideal weight is anywhere between 65kg-75kg. I know it isn't possible to get from my current weight, done to my ideal weight in this single year alone so I've decided that rather than setting a weight goal to aim for this year, I'm going to set a dress size goal instead. I'm completely ashamed to admit this but I am currently a size 18-22 up top and 22-24 on bottom (depending on the clothing brands) and the goal I'm setting myself is to be fitting into size 16-18 tops and size 20 trousers by the end of the year. I don't think that goal is too ambitious but we will see where we are come December 31st. At the beginning of each month, I'll post about what my fitness goals for that month will be and at the end I'll report on how the month has gone and whether I met my goals or not. So on that note, all that's left to say is... Wish me luck!

Until next time,
Alli xo


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