Saturday, 6 January 2018

Getting back to Acti.

For those of you who may have not seen,
early last year I became an ambassador for Acti-Labs. Acti-Labs is a laboratory company from France that make AMAZING cosmeceutical skin care products and more. Since last year I was starting a new weight loss regime, I signed on to be a Slimbassador and received two large boxes full of weight loss and inch loss products. I'd been using their products for months and was having great results. I couldn't wait to start my Acti business and blog about all the amazing products I was trying. But I never got the chance to because later that same month we discovered I was pregnant with Flynn and my weight loss journey was put on hold.

Now that I'm no longer pregnant, I'm looking at getting back to Acti. I won't be diving straight back into the weight loss products though because im breastfeeding. Acti-Labs isn't a pharmaceutical company so none of their products are tested on pregnant or breastfeeding women. Whilst they use natural ingredients, im playing it safe and won't use the weight loss and inch loss products until we start weaning Flynn. I still have many products to try and review though. Skin care, hair care, cosmetics.... I'm spoiled for choice really. I also have zero experience with make up so I'm taking this opportunity to try out Acti make up and learn some make up skills. Blogging my trials (and undoubtedly beauty disasters) along the way. I'm once again excited to get back into Acti-Labs products, they seriously are amazing! I'd never have signed on to become an ambassador if I didn't think so.

Of course if you see any products you like, you'll be able to order them through my site:
Doing so would directly support me and I'd be very grateful. Having said that, all opinions I give on the products I try out will be 100% honest and authentic, you have my word on that.

So here we go! Starting my Acti journey take 2!

Until next time,
Alli xo


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