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5 Home Date Night Ideas For New Parents

It goes without saying that when a new addition enters the family, life as you know it changes.
Everything becomes about the baby and pretty quickly you start to feel more like baby servants than you do an individual person. You're very quick to neglect yourself sacrificing sleep, food and personal hygiene to be on the beck an call of your little screaming bundle of joy. It's bad enough that we neglect ourselves but we also start to neglect our significant others which has the potential to cause problems later down the line. My first marriage didn't survive the first year of our daughters life for a number of serious reasons but a very big reason was neglect. At the end, we barely even spoke to one another, we only ever fought and we weren't even sharing a bedroom, let alone a bed. Now with my son turning a month old, my fiancé; Jordan and I have already started addressing the importance of "us time". Every Saturday night is our date night and whilst we are confined to our house for the time being, we've still found a few date night ideas that work for us and I'm here to share them with you today.

Watch Movies

Probably the most go-to date night idea even without a newborn in the family. Watching movies together is perfect even if your little poop factory doesn't want to be put down to sleep. Cuddle your baby close and let them sleep on your chest. This gives plenty of quiet time for you and your partner to get through most, if not all, of your chosen movie. Whilst one parent is holding baby, the other can hold them and together you are all snuggled and getting valuable bonding time.

Cook Together

If like me you have more than one child, dinner time is a major priority. You may be skipping meals but your other kids won't be so you still have to prepare an evening meal for them. Turn this everyday, sometimes mundane, task into something you and your partner do together. Experiment with new meals you've never cooked and learn how to make them together. Put a little bit of music on and have a little dance break in the kitchen. 

Of course there are more opportunities than just dinner time, to cook with your significant other. Shakes things up a little and give baking a try. Baby has you both up at midnight? Bake some cookies! Or brownies! If you're using a box mix, it only takes minutes to prepare and a few minutes more to bake. Then before you know it, you're enjoying fresh cookies with a glass of milk and talking with one another while settling your baby. You can also save some of your creations to enjoy when watching a movie together!

Candlelit Dinner

Whether cooking is your thing or not, there is always room for a candlelit dinner. Too tired to cook? No problem, order something in and make it a fancy occasion. Set the table, pour some wine (or non-alcoholic beverage for breastfeeding mums), put on a little background music and light those candles. Turn your regular Chinese take out into a restaurant quality experience. 

Play Games

Playing games is a definite favourite in our household. Whether it's video games or board games, you have endless choice of what you can play with your partner. Anything that is at least 2-player is sure to fill your home with lots of laughter and maybe even some competitive banter. A personal favourite game of mine and Jordan's is the card game "Exploding Kittens". It's a short game that usually lasts no more than 15 minutes but gives plenty of entertainment and has left lasting memories with us. I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a little bit of silly fun.

Give Massages

Saving the most sensual for last, giving each other massages is a sure way of keeping that spark alive even when you're ankle deep in poopy nappies and baby vomit. It's something special you can do for one another even with limited time. A 10 minute massage here and there will do wonders for your relationship. Shoulder massages are great for dads who may have been out at work all day and foot massages are great for mum who has probably been on her feet most of the day. Of course nothing beats a sensual full body massage if you have the time and who knows, it could even lead to something more. Whatever type of massage you give is bound to keep you connected to your partner and will help both of you cope better with the added responsibilities and stresses of being a new parent.

Romance doesn't have to be die when you have a baby. Little gestures and compliments will go a long way and do wonders for your relationship. I can personally attest to that. Just make sure that you don't neglect each other. Through the tears, nappies and sleepless nights, you keep each other going. So make sure you set a little bit of time aside to be together. I know it can be hard to date when there's a new addition in the family but it's not impossible. So give it a go!

Until next time,
Alli xo

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