Friday, 29 December 2017

Introducing Flynn! Birth Announcement

The moment I've spent the last nine months waiting for is finally here! I can finally announce the safe arrival of our son Flynn Victor.

Flynn was born via planned cesarean section on December 20th. Nine days earlier than his due date
and one day earlier than we'd originally planned the section for. I received a phone call late Tuesday evening from the hospital, informing me that all women scheduled for sections on the 20th had already had their babies. They had places available if I was interested in moving my section forward one day. Of course I jumped at the opportunity! Although we did have to get the ok from Jordan's work for his paternity leave to start a day early before we could accept the earlier section.

Everything moved very quickly then. We made final preparations, got Vala off to Jordan's parents for the night and attempted to get a good nights sleep. Jordan fell asleep within five minutes. Me on the other hand, I stayed wide awake until some time around 4am. I was very anxious. I couldn't wait to meet my little man finally but I was also really freaking out about the epidural. I finally managed to settle and get two hours sleep before I had to wake up to leave for hospital.

We got to hospital at 7.15am and went through all the formalities; speaking with the anaesthetist, having bloods taken etc. We were in theatre before 10am. Everything went very smoothly and it was a very calm experience. It was actually a very pleasant experience. Then at 10.06am the mostly quiet theatre erupted with the sound of a tiny human screaming. Flynn was here! Whilst we couldn't see him, Jordan and I could hear him and we both cried with huge smiles across our faces. Jordan was invited across to cut his umbilical cord and take some photos before finally Flynn was bought to me and I got to have skin-on-skin time with him. He was too close to my face for me to look at him but it was fine for him because it meant he could lick my cheek which seemed to calm him.

Another 20 minutes later and we were out in recovery. I got to have a proper cuddle with him and look upon his gorgeous face. Once Jordan's adrenaline  had eased he held Flynn for the first time. He was a little apprehensive and nervous at first but immediately the look of love washed across his face and he looked like a natural father. It's true what they say, you never think you could love your partner any more until you see how much they love your children. I fell in love with Jordan all over again seeing him holding our son.

The next day I was discharged and returned home feeling very worse for wear. I couldn't stand up
straight and getting upstairs was near torture. Lots of painkillers and agonising days later and here we are. I was able to remove my tape dressing across my wound this afternoon to reveal I am stapled together. Hopefully someone will tell me soon when the staples will be removed because until today, I didn't even know they were there. I'm starting to feel more human thankfully. I'm walking up right and haven't needed painkillers for the last two days.

Flynn has been a very easy baby so far though. He loves his sleep, just like his dad and doesn't scream for food. He grunts and grumbles to signal he is hungry but doesn't usually cry. He eats like a champ and spends most of the day/night fast asleep. I know it's famous last words but I am not suffering from sleep deprivation at all right now. Jordan's paternity leave ends next Thursday and I fully expect that Flynn will be an easy, well-behaved baby until Jordan goes back to work and then he'll become an absolute nightmare that will keep us up all night every night. Then I'll regret bragging about not being sleep deprived right now. That's future Alli's problem though. For now, I'm just gonna enjoy having my little family all together at home. With Jordan on paternity leave and Vala on school holidays, it's been a full house. I'm not complaining though, I love it!

It's hard to believe looking down at Flynn that he is already nine days old. Time has flown by, it's been like a dream. I am extremely happy though. Everyone keeps saying to me that now I have one girl and one boy, I'll be done having children. Whilst more children aren't currently on my mind and I am very happy with my little family, I still don't feel we're 100% complete yet. I think there's still room for Flynn to one day become a big brother himself. Until then though, I'm on cloud nine and so in love with my perfect little family. I can't wait for what the new year has in store for us all. I have some plans in mind for the new year but that's for another post.

Until next time,

Alli xo.