Monday, 13 November 2017

Last day of being 26!

Afternoon lovely readers,

Today marks the final day of me being twenty-six years old! It's hard to believe it's been a whole year already since I uttered the words "This is the last day I can say I am quarter of a century old." It honestly feels like yesterday. Like last year I chose to celebrate my birthday with partner Jordan and my 3 closest friends. Unlike last year, we didn't go out to a pub and get drunk of cocktails and shots. We went out to the most amazing Burger restaurant. Vala was at her dads last year but this year she was home with us. She didn't come with us out to though as sitting at a dinner table listening to five adults talking isn't really her thing. Instead she went and visited Jordan's parents until dinner was over. She then spent the remainder of the evening with us, playing with all my friends, singing songs and having a laugh until she passed out from exhaustion in our bed.

What was also nice is the fact all my friends live so far away and ended up staying overnight. It meant we had two days of casual birthday celebrations. We all slept in quite late, even Vala, and when we got up it was breakfast and stories until we could be bothered to drag ourselves out the house and into town to a cafe for lunch. We took the bus in which Vala loved! I wasn't a huge fan of my cheese and ham toastie because it had some form of chutney on it as well, which I didn't see advertised. It was sickly sweet and I couldn't finish it. So that was a downer. Jordan bought me a large hot chocolate as well which made me worry about my glucose levels but surprisingly, I stayed below the limit and didn't spike later.

As much fun as we were all having, the celebrations had to end, everyone had to go home and we had to get to reality. Jordan, Vala and I dropped two friends off at the train station and then drove my best friend home. I then spent the night choosing to get my life in order. I figured I'm nearly twenty-seven and I have no routine. My house is cluttered, my sleep pattern is non-existent, my eating habits are all over the place.... I just have very little structure in my life. That's not good for me, Vala or the baby when he arrives. So I spent the evening planning out a new daily schedule including everything from what time I get up, to what times I eat my six small meals as well as what chores get done on what days and at what times. But I didn't stop there. I then drafted up a daily schedule for Jordan as well to better coordinate his life. Now he can have perfect balance between work, family time, couple time, support work and him time.

We plan on printing both schedules out and creating a home command center in the kitchen. It'll include our schedules as well as a meal plan for the week, grocery list, to do list, calendar and an achievements board for when Vala does something good and earns herself a sticker. I cannot wait to get it all set up. I love getting organised more than I love actually being organised though so it's going to take all my discipline to keep to my schedule. I'm hoping that by the time baby is born, Jordan, Vala and myself will have a concrete, structured routine. No more having dinner at various times in the evening. No more going to bed a silly o'clock. No more neglecting ourselves and each other because we're trying to juggle everything else. I'm feeling really positive about what the future brings for us. Life should get so much better from this point on if we all keep to schedule and get everything organised. Just can't believe it's taken me twenty-six years to finally get my life together. I feel like suddenly I'm an adult.

I'm still silly and immature when the kids are asleep but now finally I'm starting to feel like a real adult and a real parent. I'm feeling really good about myself right now. What a great way to start my twenty-seventh year of life!

Until next time,
Alli xo


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