Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Countdown to Flynn - 3 Weeks!

The date has been set! Preparations are being made! Baby Flynn will be arriving in 3 weeks and 1 day!

Yesterday I had another appointment up at the hospital. Another growth scan. Another visit to the dietitian. Another visit with the consultant. Was a long day but was filled with mostly positive news. Flynn is completely healthy and happy inside the womb. The placenta and umbilical cord are working perfectly and Flynn is growing magnificently. They estimate his weight to be approximately 6lbs 11oz. That means he's put on 1lbs 11oz in exactly 3 weeks. His abdominal circumference is still on the big side, measuring on the 97th percentile line. Everything else is on scale though. So all in all, he is perfect and there's no worries with him at all. First lot of good news.

Second lot of good news is my dietitian was so happy with my latest blood sugar levels that she doesn't need to see me again before Flynn is born. She has left me with an open appointment meaning I can request to see her at any point should I have concerns but she doesn't need to see me again. She's very impressed that I have been successful in managing the gestational diabetes with diet control only and that I've managed avoid needing any medication or insulin. So that was another win for the day.

Third lot of good news came in the form of a book elective section date. I spoke with my consultant and asked to have an elective section at 38 weeks. Unfortunately they won't do an elective before 39 weeks but she bent the rules ever so slightly for me to ensure we'd be home in time for Christmas. Unless he decides to come into the world naturally first, Flynn will be born by planned cesarean section on the 21st of December. I'm still holding onto the hope he'll come early but even if he doesn't, at least I know he'll definitely be here for Christmas. If they keep us in for 3 days like they did when Vala was born, we'll be getting home Christmas Eve. Talk about the best Christmas present ever!

The only bad news I got yesterday was that I am suffering from a mild case of pelvic girdle pain, also known as SPD. It's why I have constant pain in my groin that makes walking, climbing stairs, putting pants on and getting in and out of bed extremely difficult and agonizing. I can take paracetamol for the pain and they've suggested I refer myself to the hospital physio. Something which I'm not going to do. I know I should but with 3 weeks to go, it doesn't seem worth all the hassle of getting an appointment, finding a sitter for Vala who can get her to nursery and spending a bunch of money on Uber's to and from hospital. So instead I'm choosing to live with the pain for the next 3 weeks. Maybe crazy but to me, it's the easier option.

Anyway, now that the date is set, things are ramping up at home. Flynn's hospital bag is packed (although I plan on re-packing it) and I made a start on packing mine last night. Jordan has plans to come home from work and get stuck in with deep cleaning the house. The tachycardia and SPD stops me from doing pretty much everything but I'm going to help out where I can. I'm putting together a list of jobs to do along with a timetable of when they need to be done by. I love to organize so I guess I can help Jordan get things ready by organizing his time and jobs for him. Really excited for Flynn's arrival in 3 weeks. The countdown has officially begun! 3 weeks, 1 day!

Until next time,
Alli xo.


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