Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Countdown to Flynn - 3 Weeks!

The date has been set! Preparations are being made! Baby Flynn will be arriving in 3 weeks and 1 day!

Yesterday I had another appointment up at the hospital. Another growth scan. Another visit to the dietitian. Another visit with the consultant. Was a long day but was filled with mostly positive news. Flynn is completely healthy and happy inside the womb. The placenta and umbilical cord are working perfectly and Flynn is growing magnificently. They estimate his weight to be approximately 6lbs 11oz. That means he's put on 1lbs 11oz in exactly 3 weeks. His abdominal circumference is still on the big side, measuring on the 97th percentile line. Everything else is on scale though. So all in all, he is perfect and there's no worries with him at all. First lot of good news.

Second lot of good news is my dietitian was so happy with my latest blood sugar levels that she doesn't need to see me again before Flynn is born. She has left me with an open appointment meaning I can request to see her at any point should I have concerns but she doesn't need to see me again. She's very impressed that I have been successful in managing the gestational diabetes with diet control only and that I've managed avoid needing any medication or insulin. So that was another win for the day.

Third lot of good news came in the form of a book elective section date. I spoke with my consultant and asked to have an elective section at 38 weeks. Unfortunately they won't do an elective before 39 weeks but she bent the rules ever so slightly for me to ensure we'd be home in time for Christmas. Unless he decides to come into the world naturally first, Flynn will be born by planned cesarean section on the 21st of December. I'm still holding onto the hope he'll come early but even if he doesn't, at least I know he'll definitely be here for Christmas. If they keep us in for 3 days like they did when Vala was born, we'll be getting home Christmas Eve. Talk about the best Christmas present ever!

The only bad news I got yesterday was that I am suffering from a mild case of pelvic girdle pain, also known as SPD. It's why I have constant pain in my groin that makes walking, climbing stairs, putting pants on and getting in and out of bed extremely difficult and agonizing. I can take paracetamol for the pain and they've suggested I refer myself to the hospital physio. Something which I'm not going to do. I know I should but with 3 weeks to go, it doesn't seem worth all the hassle of getting an appointment, finding a sitter for Vala who can get her to nursery and spending a bunch of money on Uber's to and from hospital. So instead I'm choosing to live with the pain for the next 3 weeks. Maybe crazy but to me, it's the easier option.

Anyway, now that the date is set, things are ramping up at home. Flynn's hospital bag is packed (although I plan on re-packing it) and I made a start on packing mine last night. Jordan has plans to come home from work and get stuck in with deep cleaning the house. The tachycardia and SPD stops me from doing pretty much everything but I'm going to help out where I can. I'm putting together a list of jobs to do along with a timetable of when they need to be done by. I love to organize so I guess I can help Jordan get things ready by organizing his time and jobs for him. Really excited for Flynn's arrival in 3 weeks. The countdown has officially begun! 3 weeks, 1 day!

Until next time,
Alli xo.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Vala's 4th Birthday

Last Friday saw my little girl turn 4 years old and the lucky girl got to celebrate all week long.

First off we had her Paw Patrol themed birthday party the weekend before with all her family on her dads side. Her nanna did all of the planning for us which was a huge weight off our shoulders. She had a blast organising it too. She said she hadn't planned a themed party in years and had so much fun creating pup themed fun. We had 'Pupcorn', 'Rocky Road', 'Cheese Ruffs', and hot dogs to eat. Played Paw Patrol themed games and did plenty of dancing and laughing. Vala had the best time and never stopped smiling and laughing the whole time. Her aunt made her bithday cake and not only was it amazing to look at but it tasted incredible. I couldn't resist a slice despite my gestational diabetes. The whole day was a huge success and it meant so much to Jordan and I to see Vala have a day that was all about her before the arrival of her brother.

Her actual birthday felt a lot more normal. Like it was almost just an ordinary day. She still attended nursery so most of the day was routine as usual. With the exception of a skype call with my parents back home in Australia and several present opening sittings. Jordan had to leave for work at 6.30am so was gone before Vala woke. I didnt want her to wait all day to open her presents so I split them. She opened some before nursery and the rest once Jordan came home. After that we paid Jordan's parents a visit where Vala got to open even more presents! We had dinner, she was spoiled and of course, there was more cake! It was nice but not as amazing as the cake from her party.

All in all she had a great week, full of wonderful memories. I can't put into words how much it meant to me to see her so happy. Everything has been so hectic and stressful as we prepare for Flynn's arrival that I'm really glad she got to be the center of attention for a while.

Until next time,
Alli xo
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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

27 and Engaged!

Good afternoon everyone!

It is officially the day after my birthday and I am now twenty-seven years old! But not only that, I'm now also engaged! Words cannot explain how unbelievably happy I am. I've never loved a man more than I love Jordan and to know we're going to be spending the rest of our lives together, just makes my heart sing. I've not stopped smiling since he proposed!

My birthday in general was pretty ordinary. So much so, it didn't even feel like my birthday. It was just another normal day with the exception of all the birthday messages. I woke up and Jordan was already at work. Vala was still asleep so I had to wake her up for breakfast. We skyped with my parents back home and I opened my present from them. I got a lovely shirt and a maternity nursing night gown. After the call, I got Vala ready for school and dropped off. I then relaxed all afternoon, talking to my best friend via text. Picked Vala back up and we had a small snooze on my bed whilst watching Tiny Pop. It literally was an uneventful day. Jordan came home with an orchid plant for me and whilst it hasn't got flowers yet, I'm hoping I can keep it alive long enough to see it bloom. It's my first ever house plant. He told me it was to symbolize "new beginnings". My first thought was, what new beginnings? I'm only turning twenty-seven and our son isn't due to be born for a while yet. I shrugged the thought off though and got ready to head out for dinner.

We went to our usual restaurant of choice; Frankie and Benny's for dinner. Amazingly, Vala not only ate her own dinner for once but she also tried some new foods which really impressed me considering she can be such a fussy eater who usually refuses to taste everything new. It really was a lovely dinner that took a slightly awkward turn at the end. Vala was so slow to eat her meal that we ended up being the only ones left in the entire restaurant. The waiters were cleaning up around us. They weren't closing for another few hours but since it was so dead, they just started cleaning so Jordan and I started feeling a little uncomfortable and got the rest of Vala's dinner to go.

We then came home and just before Vala went to bed, Jordan got down on one knee in front of me and before he could even ask me anything, Vala decided his bent knee was the best place for her to sit during this big moment. Jordan opened the ring box and Vala tried to take it asking if it was for her. I would've been tearing up had Vala not made the whole proposal so funny. Jordan did manage to ask me if i'd do him the honour of marrying him someday and of course I said YES! With Vala still trying to take the ring box, we managed to get the ring onto my pudgy pregnancy finger. It's just a stand in ring at the moment as Jordan wanted to let me choose my own ring. I'm not much of a jewelry wearer and when it comes to rings, he knows I'm very fussy. I don't like too much bling and certain cuts etc. He wants me to have a ring I'll love so we're waiting until after our son is born and my fingers aren't as swollen, to go out a choose a proper ring. The stand in ring is still beautiful though and seeing it on my finger makes me smile for ear to ear.

I had the best birthday ever and it was the best way to start my twenty-seventh year. I love Jordan so much. I love our family. Words cannot describe how happy I am right now!

Until next time,
Alli xo
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Monday, 13 November 2017

Last day of being 26!

Afternoon lovely readers,

Today marks the final day of me being twenty-six years old! It's hard to believe it's been a whole year already since I uttered the words "This is the last day I can say I am quarter of a century old." It honestly feels like yesterday. Like last year I chose to celebrate my birthday with partner Jordan and my 3 closest friends. Unlike last year, we didn't go out to a pub and get drunk of cocktails and shots. We went out to the most amazing Burger restaurant. Vala was at her dads last year but this year she was home with us. She didn't come with us out to though as sitting at a dinner table listening to five adults talking isn't really her thing. Instead she went and visited Jordan's parents until dinner was over. She then spent the remainder of the evening with us, playing with all my friends, singing songs and having a laugh until she passed out from exhaustion in our bed.

What was also nice is the fact all my friends live so far away and ended up staying overnight. It meant we had two days of casual birthday celebrations. We all slept in quite late, even Vala, and when we got up it was breakfast and stories until we could be bothered to drag ourselves out the house and into town to a cafe for lunch. We took the bus in which Vala loved! I wasn't a huge fan of my cheese and ham toastie because it had some form of chutney on it as well, which I didn't see advertised. It was sickly sweet and I couldn't finish it. So that was a downer. Jordan bought me a large hot chocolate as well which made me worry about my glucose levels but surprisingly, I stayed below the limit and didn't spike later.

As much fun as we were all having, the celebrations had to end, everyone had to go home and we had to get to reality. Jordan, Vala and I dropped two friends off at the train station and then drove my best friend home. I then spent the night choosing to get my life in order. I figured I'm nearly twenty-seven and I have no routine. My house is cluttered, my sleep pattern is non-existent, my eating habits are all over the place.... I just have very little structure in my life. That's not good for me, Vala or the baby when he arrives. So I spent the evening planning out a new daily schedule including everything from what time I get up, to what times I eat my six small meals as well as what chores get done on what days and at what times. But I didn't stop there. I then drafted up a daily schedule for Jordan as well to better coordinate his life. Now he can have perfect balance between work, family time, couple time, support work and him time.

We plan on printing both schedules out and creating a home command center in the kitchen. It'll include our schedules as well as a meal plan for the week, grocery list, to do list, calendar and an achievements board for when Vala does something good and earns herself a sticker. I cannot wait to get it all set up. I love getting organised more than I love actually being organised though so it's going to take all my discipline to keep to my schedule. I'm hoping that by the time baby is born, Jordan, Vala and myself will have a concrete, structured routine. No more having dinner at various times in the evening. No more going to bed a silly o'clock. No more neglecting ourselves and each other because we're trying to juggle everything else. I'm feeling really positive about what the future brings for us. Life should get so much better from this point on if we all keep to schedule and get everything organised. Just can't believe it's taken me twenty-six years to finally get my life together. I feel like suddenly I'm an adult.

I'm still silly and immature when the kids are asleep but now finally I'm starting to feel like a real adult and a real parent. I'm feeling really good about myself right now. What a great way to start my twenty-seventh year of life!

Until next time,
Alli xo